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5 ways being a Dog Mom makes my life complete!

There’s a debate amongst the Moms and the Dog Moms often about should Pet-Parenthood be considered Parenthood at all. Since COVID-19 came on the scene here in the US only 6 months ago, a lot of us began working from home and spending a lot more time inside with our fur children. Being a dog mom means planning your day-to-day life around my four-legged son’s schedule. That means coming home by a certain time, making sure he’s well fed and taking him on daily walks.

But as you know, all of these dog mom tasks are more of a privilege than a chore, because being a dog mom to the best fur baby around is priceless. The snuggles, the unconditional love, the playtime romps around the dog park.

What does being a dog Mom really mean to me? Glad you asked!

1. Draco always makes me smile-no matter what kind of day I’m having Draco always brings a smile to my face! Whether it be a good day or a tough day he’s always there waiting to get excited with me or comfort me if I cry. Having that unconditional love at my disposal makes my life complete!

2. I’m just as excited for Christmas Day and to see the look on Draco’s face when we watch him open his presents!-yes Santa Claus comes and brings presents to your children he also brings some presents to my fur child. While I do not post these pictures on social media, I do often get up very early with Draco so he can open his treats from Santa. It makes Tom and I very happy to see the way his little face lights up as he gets excited to see his new toys. This isn’t limited to just Christmas of course that “just because” presents are the best of all! Seeing Draco happy makes my heart burst with joy!

3. I do talk to Draco as though he’s a little boy and not a dog-While Draco cannot speak “human,” I know he can understand and will certainly listen! Fur Kids are perfect to vent to and will never judge you for what you have to get off your chest. They also won’t give you an attitude or talk back. Having Draco to talk to makes Tom and I feel so complete as fur parents!

4. I never miss an opportunity to celebrate Draco-Birthdays, holidays milestones or even just for being a good boy! Any chance we get to celebrate our boy by throwing him a party is an opportunity we jump on. Because that’s just the dog parents Tom and I are!

5. My social media pages have more pictures of Draco than Tom and myself-Why post a picture of Tom and I when there are over 50 pictures that we’ve taken of Draco that day? Part of being a dog parents means annoying all of our friends on social media. And while many may think we’re posting too much, we feel as though you haven’t posted enough of your four-legged child!

Do you have a fur baby at home that makes your life complete? Drop a comment below, let’s chat!

Carolina Panthers: Peaks and Pits of 2018

This week as we say goodbye to the 2018 football season I’m going to talk about the peaks and the pits of the season. While the official slate isn’t wiped clean until Sunday night, here are the my Top 3 Peaks and Pits of 2018. While I wish there was more to write about, the writing muse has not done me any inspirational favors this week so here you have them. Which brings me to my age old question: Do you want the good news or the bad news first? I’ll deliver the pits first!

Top 3 Pits of 2018:

1. Saying Goodbye to Thomas Davis– Perhaps the crappiest part of our off-season so far is knowing TD will suit up for another team, possibly in our own division. This act of betrayal was brought on by the need to give Shaq Thompson his time to prove himself as more then a backup (and ultimately tell us if he’s worth big money), it still hurt us Panther fans like no other. While TD won’t hit the FA (free agent) market until March, it’s safe to say the BoA won’t be same without its defensive Mr. Reliable.

2. Cam’s Shoulder Woes- What’s worse then watching your Quarterback go from 6-2 to 7-9 after the single most embarrassing Thursday night football game? Knowing your quarterback aggravated that same shoulder that’s given him trouble before. Cam’s struggle with the deep ball has been evident since that Thursday night game and even more painful was each week wondering why they were keeping him in the game even with the painfully obvious he needed rest and repair. While Cam is set to back on track for training camp, the waiting to pull a hurt team leader does raise some eyebrows within the fanbase.

3. The Falcons Swept Us & We Lost To The Saints At Home- These two are tied for pit number 3 because they go hand in hand with division rivalries and pride. Losing to your division rival on their turf? Okay. Losing to your division rival on YOUR turf and also twice in one season? NOT OKAY. The Panthers have had a hard time within their division, especially against the Saints last year being swept three times (once in the playoffs). A definite pit that needs to be improved upon is the Panthers ability to START and FINISH fast against an increasing competitive NFC South division.

But there’s good news! You believe me don’t you? For every pit there’s a peak and without a moments delay here are the top 3 peaks of the 2018 season.

Top 3 Peaks of 2018:

1. Christian McCaffrey definitely has a bright future with us-His Dad (Ed McCaffrey) was a NY Giant and later a Denver Bronco, but Christian is a next level talent the Panthers can capitalize on to ensure their own future amongst the competitive NFC South as well as the NFL at large. Christian, or CMC as we affectionately call him, can run, leap over defenders and even throw a touchdown if we need him too. He’s a superb athlete and a class act that I look forward to watching grow in 2019.

2. We’ve Got Solid Back-Up Quarterback Options In Taylor Heinicke and Kyle Allen (although we hope to not need them again as long as Cam stays healthy)- When it rains it pours, and while no team wants to see their starting Quarterback sidelined for the remainder of a season, it was nice to know we’ve got some solid backups waiting in the wings should the top dog go down. While each stint was short lived the backups Allen and Heinicke showed flashes of greatness and it was obvious that Cam had a hand in molding and mentoring the young men. Anyone who questions Cam’s leadership should feast their eyes on him being the greatest supporter and fan by cheering on both guys from the sidelines. As the old saying goes, ‘you win some, you lose some’ Panther nation can definitely agree that saying simply do to the fact that while we lost when Cam went out we did win in securing some young talented backups who are ready to step up to the plate when need be. Ahhhhh, got to love silver linings!

3. We Beat The Saints At Home-To the casual football fan this may be no big deal. After all half their starters didn’t even start. However, it IS ALWAYS a big deal to beat The Saints at home in the Super-dome. Especially after being violently swept three times by our Brees lead archenemies it’s always good to show the bayou bullies where they can stick that broom if theirs (HINT: It’s where the sun doesn’t shine). Regardless of whether it’s a big deal to you or not, beating the Saints at home was definitely a high point to end the 2018 on.

What would you rate about your teams Peaks and Pits? Let me know in the comments below and Keep Pounding!

Love you. Mean it.



Five Inspirational Quotes And How They’ve Impacted My Life

1. “Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it.”-Steve Jobs

This quote by the founder of Apple is true in more ways than one. Doing what I love (writing and posting in this blog) is a large part of what gets me through the day. Coming home and expressing myself through words and art (sketching and painting) makes me feel lighthearted and happy. This is why I work so hard to post the very best, most relatable articles. I don’t half ass my work. I feel most proud when I finish a piece and I get feedback on it. My Dad always said if you do what you love you’ll never work a day in your life and while I love my actual job I love being able to do what I do off the clock too and hope one day to have a large platform to reach the masses of all walks of life.

2. “Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.”-Vince Lombardi

Vince Lombardi was a brilliant man, it’s no wonder the coveted Super Bowl trophy is named after him. While nobody is actually perfect, perfectionist tendencies tend to lead to success. I’ve always prided myself on being the best I could be, better then the best. I can honestly say I earned everything I worked for and my life is successful because of this.

3. “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”- Rumi

Oh man, in the age of technology this is so true. I remember growing up trying to seek that perfect man, the perfect love, which I found in my husband. I learned though that loving yourself and breaking down those walls you’ve built against others, being open and honest helps you to love people even more and truly be able to receive that love in return.

4.”Don’t be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth.”- Rumi

Often times, especially throughout my writing experience, I’ve seen blogs around me really take off. I often wrote these authors to learn their secrets, how did they do it? This Rumi quote resonated with me because their stories aren’t mine. My goal is to create my own successes and pave my own way. This quote helped me to be myself on my blog to write about things I was worried about how people reading would react. I worried about how to capture and keep people’s interest so much that I wasn’t letting myself shine through. Now, I’m honestly not worried cause I know I’ll reach the right people and get there in my own time.

5. “I want to sing like the birds sing, not worrying about who hears or what they think.”-Rumi

I’m a wife, daughter, sister, aunt, godmother and friend. I am both a sports fanatic and total nerd. I am neither a conscious sinner or a saint. I am both loyal, compassionate, honest and funny as well as cunning, ambitious, controlling and meticulous. I know I am not everyone’s cup of tea, it’s been like that since I was very young but those who matter to me accept that about me and those who don’t I’ve made peace with too. Like Rumi, I will always be true to myself , I be too worried and focused about those who love me then to worry about what the critics think.

What are your favorite quotes and how do they resonate with you?

Love you. Mean it.



7 Things About Hair Color And Care Techniques You’ll Kick Yourself for Not Already Knowing About

I dedicate this post to my stylist Melissa

(Who I am eternally grateful for her time, talent and ALWAYS makes me feel Bellissimo! ♥️😘)

I never loved my natural hair color. I remember being a little girl and watching my Mother get her hair done (a foil frost from my stylist cousin, Chrissy). I used to watch in awe at how her face just seemed to brighten up, her smile was a little wider and I could tell she felt truly beautiful as she glanced in the mirror at the finished product. I begged her for years to let me put one or a few sporadic highlights in my hair but her answer was always the same, “no you’re much too young for that”.

Finally, the day came she said “yes, you can.” and that was first time I was allowed to put a few sporadic highlights in my hair. I was thirteen years old and I was hooked. The rest, as the saying goes, was history.

I’ve had my hair just about every color you could imagine from platinum blonde to fire engine red and every other color in between before settling on my ravishing raven locks. During this time, I learned a thing or two about hair color and care through my experience that I’d love to pass on with all of you. Now as for where I receive this information, I have talked to many stylists (mostly within my own family) through the years and I always write whatever they say regarding tips and suggested products down in my journal so I can always look fresh. The time has come though to share these tips outside of my close friends and family. Whether you color your hair or someone you know and love does, hopefully you can help them out by sharing these tips.

1. Nourishment Gives It A More Natural Look

Let’s be real, if you want your hair to be healthy after you color it, especially if you lighten your hair, it’s important to keep it well-nourished and hydrated. Blondes, ask your salon if they carry Olaplex which prevents and repairs any damage bleach can cause your hair. Brunettes, Redheads and Raven haired people, ask your stylist for a glaze between color pull throughs (pulling the hair color all the way through root to ends excessively can cause needless damage ) to give your hair breaks and nourishment between salon visits. When I used to bleach my hair to get the color I wanted, I would apply cold-pressed coconut oil to my hair the night before I bleached it. This seemed to minimize the damage to my hair shafts which my hair is thankful for even to this day. I’ve come across this practice too on L’Oreal’s blog in one of the posts and chuckle because I’ve been doing this forever, well, since I was 19. Now that I keep my hair as dark as my mascara, I always get a glaze to nourish and lock in the color longer between salon trips and generally keep it medium to short in length. Trimming and cutting your hair every 6-8 weeks helps prevent the spread of damage by breakage and dead ends and my hair looks way healthier shorter.

It was supposed to be light brown, I swear!

2. Don’t Use Box Dye, Go To A Salon and Get It Done Right

Leave dying hair to the professionals! When searching for the perfect stylist and salon browse the before and after pictures posted on social media by past clients to ensure you go to someone who you feel comfortable with. If you’re hell bent on doing it yourself make sure you get a good dye and bleach so your hair does not get too damaged, visiting your local beauty supply store is a good start just check their requirements before purchasing as you may need a beautician license to get to the good stuff.

If you are lifting color with bleach, ensure you talk with a stylist or professional about getting the right developer for your hair color. For example, I can always tell when someone uses a 40 volume developer for hair that’s light to begin with because their hair looks more fried than a bucket of KFC extra crispy chicken. My hair was pretty light to start, so when I ended up flipping from red to blonde in 2005 my stylist at the time only recommended we use a 20 or 30 volume developer despite my cries of protest that I needed the stronger to fix my blunder. I’ve also shamelessly used protecting products like Brazilian bond builder in the months that followed that incident to minimize the damage I caused while I was stripping my hair of color of that AWFUL color.

While dyes are a dime a dozen, its always important choose a salon or a dye itself that is free of harsh chemicals like ammonia, my salon is really big on Redkin and I have to say I am highly impressed with the quality.

Me at 21 with light brown hair

3. Don’t ‘Freestyle’ It

This goes back to tip number two, PLEASE go to a professional. I can’t tell you how many people have sat next to me in the salon telling their stylist the color on the box was NOT the color they got when they dyed it themselves. If you insist on skipping my sound advice follow EVERY step exactly in the directions that come with the box. Now is NOT a time to freestyle things it’s not a DIY craft you can add your own creative flair to. It’s your hair so treat it as such, follow the times for process to the ‘t’ and set a timer so you don’t forget to wash it out. You do NOT want to leave your bleach or dye on for too long, don’t believe me? Search it on YouTube and be scarred for life with the over-processed hair videos they’re truly frightening. Once again, find a salon and stylist you’re comfortable with and you can avoid any at home blunders all together.

My salon always keep my raven mane looking 👍🏻

4. Don’t Wash Your Hair Right Away

Once you’ve colored your hair, try to wait at least 48-72 hours (2-3 days) before you wash your hair again. This will help the color set in well and will minimize color bleeding. It would also help to oil your hair before you wash it as the oil will form a protective layer around your hair shaft, minimizing fading. As a staple, I ALWAYS wash my hair in cool to lukewarm water. Hot water can open your hair shafts and expel that color you paid good money to achieve while cool water keeps these shafts closed which keeps the color locked in and looking salon fresh longer.

Available at your local drugstore for $7.99
Available at Ulta Beauty for $34.50

5. Be SUPER Picky About your Products and How Much Heat You Apply To Your Hair

While on the topic of showering, always choose shampoos that are SULFATE FREE. I highly recommend L’Oreal Ever Pure Sulfate Free and Redkin Color Extend Magnets (which are personal favorites of mine). Just like hot water is hair color’s archenemy, so are hot tools. Blow dryers, flat irons, curling wands and other hot tools can all cause damage to your already fragile hair. If you have super wavy and frizzy hair, like me, try to limit the use to twice a week. Investing in a quality heat protectant spray will help combat any damage caused by hot tools. I use Tresemme thermal creations which provides heat protection for your hair from hot tools up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. I’ve used this product for nearly 10 years and have not experienced heat damage since. If you avoid washing your hair everyday and invest in a quality dry shampoo (baby powder actually works wonders too) you can make the most out of your choice of styled hair longer without turning to daily use of styling tools.

Available at Rite Aid for $4.75

6. Don’t Wash Your Hair Everyday and Avoid Excessive Time In The Sun

Piggybacking off of number five, washing your hair daily is super counterproductive with color treated hair. Color tends to bleed out when you wash your hair too often so one of the best ways to make it last longer is to cut down on your washes. Because I have such greasy hair, I used to wash 3-4 times a week, I have now cut it down to 2-3 times a week. As odd as it sounds, if my hair still smells good and isn’t looking too much like a greasy pit I skip the wash and pop on a shower cap. Not only has this technique helped make my color last but also it also preserves the natural oils produced by your scalp that my Grammy used to always ramble on about and happen to nourish your hair.

Just like heat products in excess aren’t good for colored hair neither is too much time in the sunlight. Investing in a nice wide brim hat, I purchased mine at the end of last summer on clearance at Walmart, is key in having fun in the sun. They can be as simple or as fancy as you’d like but the important thing is they’re keeping your hair safe from that summer heat.

L’ORÉAL root touch up available for $9.97
at your local Walmart

7. Wait 6-8 Weeks Between Touch Ups

While it may be tempting the second you see roots start to appear, always wait 6-8 weeks between salon appointments or at home dying. We don’t realize how much stress we put our hair through every time we color it, which is why our hair needs rest. Instead, invest in L’Oréal ‘s Magic Root Cover Up which is available in just about every color you can imagine and it helps you look like your fresh out of the salon even as the weeks to your next salon appointment are still three more to go, you can count on this touch up spray to see you through.

A Salon Fresh Snapchat Selfie

If you follow these steps you’ll be sure to have shiny, healthy and strong hair no matter how you choose to color or style it. Our hair sends powerful statement to others about who we are and what we like and it’s time to give it the proper care it deserves!

Until next time…

Love you. Mean it.



The 5 Movie Universes that I would NOT want to live my life in.

because some places are just best left on the silver screen…

It’s early November 2001, and I’m 12 years old sitting on my light pink leather couch. In one hand, theres a piece of popcorn which hovers by my mouth, my left arm suspended in mid-air while my right arm is pulling my terrified 4 1/2 year old brother close. We are watching Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, and Joseph is scared because the timid Professor Quirrell was just revealed to be possessed by Harry’s archenemy Lord Voldemort. As captivated as I am by the scene that’s unfolding before my eyes, I spare a glance at my little brother and whisper, “it’s okay, Joey, it’s just a movie.” This seems to calm him just a little bit, but as I went to bed that night, I wished with all my heart that it wasn’t ‘just a movie’ and having read all the books, I fantasized about what my adventures at Hogwarts would be like if it were real.

Now that I’ve got your attention, I’m sure if you took a moment right now that each and every single one of you had a movie that you felt that way about. It’s not surprising to me at all that according to a survey done by statista in 2017 the total box office revenue in North America amounted to 11.38 billion U.S. dollars in 2016 for the year. I think most people would agree that, as Americans, we sure do love our movies. It’s a temporary escape from real life, the chance to connect with characters, and a storyline that is meaningful to the viewer. I know every time I put in movies like Forrest Gump or the Harry Potter series there’s a sense of homecoming. It’s like visiting my hometown and seeing familiar faces and places which provide me with a sense of nostalgia that comes with the sense knowing where I came from and where I’m going.

I don’t need fancy statistics to tell you that people often associate movies with significant times and events in their lives even into adulthood. Think about your current significant other, I bet you that you can remember the first movie that you two saw together. I know whenever I think of the movie Anchorman, I think of that being the very first movie that Tom and I ever watched together as a couple. It’s meaningful and nostalgic and every year on our dating anniversary we snuggle together on the couch and watch that movie for old time sake.

Movie universes become familiar to us, they give us a sense of belonging and introduce us to the characters we love and invest our feelings into. The characters, become more like close friends or family members, and we want to see them succeed at all costs. The setting and plot also play a crucial role in whether we stick around or not, and while I’m sure I could easily think of several movie universes I wouldn’t mind living my real life in, that’s for another post. In this post, I’m going to discuss five movie universes I’m really glad I don’t have to live my real life in. Because let’s face it, some movie plots and settings are best left on the silver screen!

1. Halloween– Any Universe which houses Michael Myers, the iconic knife-wielding killer of the franchise, is NOT a movie universe I want any part in. If someone doesn’t actually die when tranquilized, set on fire, stabbed, ran over, electrified and injected with acid, then that something is not worth going toe to toe with. Michael always symbolized pure evil, evident in the blank look behind his eyes, and any universe that holds that kind of evil is NOT one I wish to be any kind of reality.

2. It– This movie is the reason coulrophobia is a clinical term relating directly to fear of clowns (it’s certainly responsible for mine). Despite the fact that It was actually a shapeshifting monster who appeared in the form of whatever his victim was afraid of, any universe he exists in is not one I want to be involved in. In this universe you’re a part of a group called, The Losers, pre-adolescent kids who are running loose around the outskirts of a small town, bonding during the long summer days and nights with a lack of any kind of parental concern. This, of course, made my inner teacher cringe. In both movies, the new and old, Beverly has a terrifying abusive father; Bill has recently lost a brother, (the iconic scene of the little boy Georgie being lured to his death in the gutters) and his shell-shocked parents have mostly abandoned him to his own devices.

The creature which terrorizes town of Derry, Maine is not for the faint of heart. Watching these outcasts and nerds, whom are largely ignored and forced to find comfort in each other struggle against unspeakable evil is not any universe I want to be a part of. Not for nothing, but in this universe, you’d find yourself being hunted by a pack of ferocious, dangerous bullies — bigger kids who are bored with their sleepy town, and victimize other people for entertainment. If you can call, carving their name into their victim’s stomach, entertainment. You’d also set out to look for a corpse majority of the movie and along the way, become your fellow group member’s emotional support.

This tale doesn’t necessarily have a happy ending, at least in the original book and film where It comes back when the kids are adults and are forced to face their old nemesis once more. Despite the eventual conflict resolution, the universe itself is downright depressing and oppressive and not one I want to be apart of at all.

3. Nightmare on Elm Street-Nothing is more relieving then waking up after a nightmare and realizing that it was just a dream. Not in this universe. In this universe you are hunted down by the burn scar-faced and claw handed Freddy Krueger and if he kills you in your dreams you’re done for in real life. I’m not sure who it would be more disturbing to be in this storyline, Jesse, who watches his ex-girlfriend die in her sleep in front of him then gets blamed for her death or Nancy, the waitress who it’s later revealed was abused by Krueger as a young girl. This universe offers you no sleep and another indestructible villain who,if he could drag the protagonist through a mirror after she cuts his hand off and slices his throat, what chance do you really stand in that universe?

4. The Purge– Unless you live under a rock ANY kind of universe where all crime (including murder) is legal for twelve hours is not my cup of tea, including the idea that the ‘New U.S. government’ in this plot sanctions it. Incase you’ve never heard of The Purge the rules to this movie’s plot are as followed:

▪ The one you heard in the trailer, that siren blares throughout the U.S. to signal the start and end of The Purge.

▪ During this time all police, fire, and medical emergency services remain unavailable or suspended for the twelve-hour Purge.

▪ Ironically, the only people exempt from this Purge are Government officials with “authorization levels” of ranking 10 or higher. It is revoked in Election Year to legalize the murder of a political opponent though.

▪ Weapons of “Class 4” and below are permitted for use while “Class 5” weaponry (explosive devices such as grenades, rocket launchers, bazookas, etc., weapons of mass destruction, and viral/biological and chemical agents) is prohibited.

▪ Public hanging is the penalty for violators of any rules.

Let that sink in. Imagine being totally helpless with your family and friends at risk of being murdered or assaulted and nobody legally obligated to help you. Not my cup of tea and personally I can’t think of anyone who would want themselves or their loved ones in this universe, can you?

5. Predator– Last, but not least, a universe where you are the hunted by an alien. Mind you that running into an alien in any universe is not for me, but how about a universe where you are hunted by one for sport? Not to mention this is an extremely intellegent being who will follow your every move and raise your paranoia to new levels of high, while carefully plotting a sadistic death for you, such as skinning you and keeping your body as a trophy. The Predator also has a plasma weapon, far more powerful than any weapon we humans can obtain. Oh, and did I mention that the Predator has a cloaking device that makes it invisible, and yes he had one before Harry Potter, so to top it all off you can’t see this thing and thats even more frightening. So imagine living in a universe where there are creatures that you can’t see, have plasma weapons, and hunts you down just for sport, does that sound like a fun place to live for you? If the Predator took down Green Berets and an elite paramilitary rescue team, imagine what it could do to the average person like you or me. Yeah, no thanks, I’m good.

Which universes are you grateful do not exist in real life?

Love you. Mean it.



5 Things…

That may not be a big deal to you but are a big deal to Panther fans…

As a Panthers fan, there is territory that in polite conversation you don’t want anybody to ever mention to you. You may think you are being funny, or it’s not a big deal to mention said things, however, let me assure you that the following five things are a very big deal and offensive to Panther fans. What are those five things you may wonder? Let’s start with number one:

1. Bashing Cam Newton: If you ever want to take your life into your own hands just trash Cam Newton to a Panthers fan. Not only will we chew you up and spit you out we’ll do it in the most classy way possible cause bless your heart that’s how we roll. Understand that Cam Newton is mightier then the hammer of Thor to us and you must respect that or stay out of our mentions.

2. Bringing Up The Departure of Steve Smith: You know that Katy Perry song, ‘The One That Got Away’ ? That’s kind of how every Panther fan (including me) feels about Steve Smith’s dismissal from the team. He was a fan favorite from his explosive performances to his unfiltered responses. I can still eat a pint of Ben&Jerry’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream and cry for hours when I think about how his career with us ended. We are still loyal to our beloved Agent 89, so if you talk trash you’re liable to get a southern style attitude adjustment.

3. Defending Mike Shula: Thankfully this off-season Mike Shula was relieved of his offensive coordinator duties, however, if you’re thinking about defending the former man in charge of our offense you are likely to spark a heated debate with any Panthers fan within a 1000 mile radius of the BOA (Bank of America Stadium for all you non Panther fans). Blaming the receivers and Cam for offensive blunders is likely to get you blocked by a fair portion of us on Twitter. Just don’t do it!

4. Talking About Super Bowls 38 & 50 and How We Lost Both: Once again you are taking your life into your own hands if you think for one minute bringing these games up and mocking the fact that we don’t have any Super Bowl championships or rings is cute or funny to a Panthers fan cause it’s not. We are aware that we lost the big game twice and it is still a sore spot for many of us, in fact, many of us still root against the Patriots and Broncos no matter who they are playing because of those losses. Just because we have not won a Super Bowl yet does not mean that we never will or that we are not relevant because I can tell you I know one day we will win it and I know that we will stay relevant until we do and beyond that.

5. Calling Thomas Davis A Dirty Player: Thomas Davis is one of the most classiest human beings to ever walk this earth both on and off the field. After a rather nasty hit he gave DeVonte Adams a lot of Twitter erupted into calling Davis ‘dirty’. I don’t think a full 5 seconds eclipsed before we in Panther Nation rose to defend our Man of The Year’s honor. Once again, you can’t trash Davis without repercussions.

So there you have it five things we Panthers fans do not appreciate you bringing up in polite conversation. If you know a Panthers fan please share this article with them, if you are a Panthers fan please like and share this article anyway.

Love you. Mean it.



January Favorites…

…because sometimes it’s OK to have a favorite

Happy New Year Readers!

2018 has sure gotten off to a flurry of a start, literally, it’s been below freezing for 13 consecutive days and we got nearly two feet of snow where I live. I am also not wearing makeup in the picture above which is just so out of character for me so you know the storm was bad. That’s what I’ll be writing about tonight, that’s right, this posts for my makeup lovers! (Or even non makeup lovers for gift ideas for the makeup lovers in your life).

I got this idea from my favorite YouTube makeup artist, Emma Pickles. She’s truly the sweetest person on and off camera and I highly recommend her YouTube videos. For the New Year, I decided once a month I’m going to share with my readers something in my makeup bag that I absolutely love and write about why I love it!

This week I want to talk to you about Tarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Foundation. For years, foundation reviews never occurred to me because I always used MAC studio fix or Revon Colorstay Whipped Foundations, both are fantastic so I never felt the need to change it up until I watched my favorite YouTuber Emma Pickles rave about this product in one of her tutorials. What did I have to lose? After years of wanting to try this foundation and being talked out of it every time by a overly made up Sephora employee I decided to take a ride out to Ulta and pick it up.

Let me begin by saying, for me to write about something on here and share it with all my fellow makeup fanatics and readers in general alike I got to really love it. So it’s definitely a very special product!

Here’s the 411:

• $39.00

• Full coverage

• 12 hour wear

• SPF 15

• Vegan

• Cruelty Free

  • My Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I love a good, full coverage, lightweight foundation and the first thing I fell in love with as far as this foundation goes is how light and natural it is! Also it’s used with all natural products so your not exposing your skin to any harsh elements found in other foundations.

Tarte has a shade system which helps you pick out the color which most matches your unique skin tone, mine was Medium Natural and I got to say I was impressed. In this picture I still have the remnants of my MAC concealer on but my cheeks are ALL Tarte and look how flawless they look?! This is a no filter photograph and look at the difference between my upper forehead and chin versus my cheeks/sides of my face. There’s no caked on, yellow or orange tones which drown out your natural skin tone. You look like you’re not wearing makeup.

The first thing I noticed was the texture. Despite it being very thick it doesn’t feel thick and is more like a cream than a liquid so a little definitely goes a long way.

The coverage, in my opinion, is medium coverage but it can be built up, not to mention it’s on the pricier side, which is why I gave it 4/5 stars (I’m a harsh critic with products). I recommend two layers for a more full coverage but natural look. The photo above I have two types of foundations but I can totally see the difference. The MAC has a darker tone (more yellow in person) while the Tarte is more (medium beige). I would also recommend using a moisturizer and concealer for under your eyes (which I didn’t do in this picture) prior to using the foundation but otherwise I think I found my new Go-to foundation!

I personally like to wear no more than two layers of the foundation, to balance out the color of my skin (cancel out the redness in my skin) and then use concealer to cover darkness around/under my eyes and any obvious blemishes. Never put more than two layers of foundation on cause otherwise you risk it looking cakey and creasing.

The finish is matte but if you’re prone to getting oily in areas I would recommend setting those areas with a translucent powder (NYX makes an excellent one!) to prevent the foundation from breaking up and making sure it sets properly. I didn’t have this issue but many of reviewers on Ulta and Emma Pickles herself did experience this the first time they tried it.

Have you tried this foundation? What is your go-to foundation? Leave a comment below and don’t forget to check out my Podcast ‘Are You There Friday? It’s Me Brittany’ available on Apple Cast and Google Play Music and Anchor. Episode 3, Nate Francis and I discuss animals, shelter, and the stereotypes surrounding vegans and meat eaters.

Love you. Mean it.



5 Reasons…

Morticia Addams is my spirit animal…

As a self-proclaimed proud geek, there are plenty of characters of the fictional variety I find relatable and downright admirable. Few hold a candle to Morticia Addams from ‘The Addams Family”. She’s sassy, seductive and fierce but mostly it’s her attitude on life that is altogether inspiring. She’s so much more then her gothic/ macabre nature, so without further ado here are 5 reasons why Morticia Addams is my spirit animal:

1. She is the epitome of being completely herself.

Morticia is not afraid to be labeled as odd, in fact she views it as a compliment, one she’s oh so happy to accept. She is far from ordinary, in fact she’s the black sheep of the town in which she lives: ordinary people are often taken aback by her dark but brazen sexuality. She loves things like the occult, sex and death, chaos and ruin. She cuts roses off the stems and discards them, keeping only the stems.
She is unapologetically unusual and contently macabre.

In this way, Morticia is more of a role model to young women then any other fictional female character (although I could make a case for Hermione Granger too) in recent history, especially those who struggle with loving and accepting themselves we can all stand to learn something from Morticia. We’re ALL different but ultimately we need to be shamelessly ourselves instead of what society’s standards expect us to be.

2. She doesn’t give a flying vampire bat what you think.

Morticia is well aware that the people she encounters outside of her home are absolutely nothing like her. She accepts that her neighbors and other mothers at her childrens’ school are nothing like her. Morticia is well aware or at least has a hunch what the boringly ordinary townspeople think of she and her family. Does she feel despair? Does she care?

Morticia doesn’t give a flying vampire bat what anyone thinks of her, “what’s normal to the spider, is chaos to the fly” she says which shows that although she probably pities these ordinary women, trapped in their illusion of a perfect life filled with dinner parties, idle and meaningless chit-chat and of course most dreaded of all-pastels, Morticia also accepts everyone is different. Kids could stand to learn a lot from Morticia’s outlook on life, we’re not all cut from the same cloth and that’s totally okay. It’s also totally okay to not give a flying bat if you’re accepted or not. Accept yourself and you’ll attract the right people…which brings me to Number 3!

3. Morticia surrounds herself with people who love and accept her.

Morticia values her family and friends dearly. We’re terribly alike in this respect because we protect our tribe at all costs. She’s loyal, loving and unwavering to those who love, support and stand by her. While she might be a little unusual she’s got a whole click of like-minded people just like her to love and support her for who she is. Those who mind, don’t matter. Those who matter, don’t mind. Morticia lives by this mantra and really shouldn’t we all?

If we surround ourselves with people who love and support us for who we truly are we’ll be less likely to compare ourselves and our successes to others. We’ll be less likely to ostracize and pigeon hole ourselves for toxic people who wouldn’t appreciate our worth anyway.

Morticia would be caught dead in the company of those who cannot see her worth, therefore why should any of us accept such false love and friendships unworthy of us? Which brings us to number 4…

4. Morticia’s marriage is the epitome of ‘relationship goals

When most people think of timeless romances they think: Sonny and Cher, Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio, Lucy and Desi…all great love stories, with one thing in common: they ended in divorce. When I think timeless love, I think Morticia and Gomez Addams.

Despite being parents to Wednesday and Pugsley Addams, Morticia and Gomez put each other first. They truly are each other’s best friends, not to mention they can’t keep their hands off of one another.

More importantly they never stopped courting each other. They make an honest effort to dress up for one another, even when they’re planning a quiet night at home. They still treat their relationship as though they were on their first date – putting their best face forward for one another and bringing the best out in each other all the while!

Gomez and Morticia, also compliment each other. Gomez attacks everything with zeal and almost childlike wonder while Morticia is very clearly the steadying influence with a calm and collected intelligence that keeps him on track. They have their own interests – Gomez has his cigars, chess and model trains; Morticia has her gardening, music and black magic. When push comes to shove their a united front, equal partners in their relationship; they co-parent and are both very present for each other as well as their children. If that’s not relationship goals, I don’t know what is.

5. In A World Full of Bombshells She’s Her Own Brand Of Sexy.

When I think back to when the original Addams Family television show aired in 1964, it was in the age of Debbie Reynolds, Julie Andrews, Anne Bancroft and Sophia Loren. These women were desired, sought after as beautiful and then there was Morticia (played originally by the lovely Carolyn Jones and later iconically Angelica Houston).

Morticia is always immaculately dressed in her own unique rather dark style, with her long inky hair, illuminatingly pale complexion, blood-red nails and lips to go. She owns it and she rocks it well.

Whether she’s attending a play at her childrens’ school or lounging about her house , Morticia lives her own sense of gothic vampiric style. She’s unapologetic with her own sense of beauty that contrasts much of what was deemed attractive and sexy during that time period.

My childhood love of late night binge watching Nick at Nite, and TVLand where I caught re-runs of nearly every Addams family episode inspired me to first dye my hair black when I was sixteen. Of course it didn’t last and for years I stayed blonde though, conforming to the hair everyone else thought I should have until finally at 26 I took the plunge-I dyed my hair black once more and I haven’t looked back.

Morticia inspired me to unapologetically embrace that raven hair, red lips and a love for the color black in clothing as well (it is quite slimming and flattering too). In the end, I’ve come to the conclusion that in a world full of Marilyn’s, I’d rather embrace my inner Morticia!

Love you. Mean it.



Mortality and Me

Long and Short Term Personal Goals I Hope To Accomplish Before I Die

When we think about our lives, we always say “I’ll see them next time” or “I’ll get to that tomorrow” we talk as though we’re guaranteed another day cause, of course, we assume without question we’ll wake up and be given another day but when you’re faced with mortality whether it be a close call with death from ourselves or our loved ones, well that’s when we really realize how mortal we really are. More importantly we see that our lives are really just large hourglasses slowly ticking down towards our passing. Or is it just moments we’re wasting not truly living or making a difference in the world?

In the wake of Chester Bennington’s passing (who ironically died on Chris Cornell’s Birthday) and my Dad’s most recent trip to the ER, I’ve been thinking about my legacy. What type of message will I leave behind when God calls me home? I hope I live long enough to see grandchildren (should I choose to have any children) or at the very least my friends’ grandchildren but nobody can make that promise. We realistically pass the day we’re going to die every year but few of us truly live our lives and treat others like we won’t always be around to mend the fences. That time is today.

Most of us spend most of our lives working or worrying about bills and we forget to truly live. Truly make a difference to someone else and not just people we KNOW I’m talking total strangers. Which is why I’ve come up with a long/short term goal list of six things I’d like to have personally accomplished before my time is up. I will probably add more to the list as I go on through life and God blesses me with more years and I will update this list as I go forward and grow as a person each and every year but for now here are the six things I hope to have accomplished by the time I passed away:

  1. Take More Time For Myself And Loved Ones -One thing I never want to regret is not spending enough time with my family (and I include my friends in this category cause my friends are the family I choose) and too much time at work. Life is made of memories with people that matter to us and the one thing I learned from my stint as a teenager working at a nursing home was listening to the residents talk about how they didn’t get to spend enough time with the people they love. I don’t want this to be me, waiting for a daughter or son that never comes because I didn’t spend enough time with them. People worry so much about the future and not enough about the here and now. Appreciate and spend time with the people you love because you may never get an opportunity again one day. I want to be able to take time away from work and responsibility to spend time with my loved ones without feeling guilt about it. I mean obviously jobs and bills getting paid are important, however, shouldn’t the time we take with our love ones be just as important if not more? A life goal of mine is to make sure that I put my foot down and take the time I know that I deserve to create memories with the people I love.
  2. Love Myself– There’s a large epidemic of people that either love themselves too much or not enough at all. As you’ve all learned from my past posts I have my demons many of which I fight with everyday to keep my head above water. My self esteem is a child’s yo-to ranging from fabulous to failing, which is sad because I know I’m a beautiful person deep down. People tell me this all the time. When my time is up I hope to can say that I’ve fully and truly embraced and loved myself to my fullest potential because I’m worth it.
  3. Get A Tattoo- This might sound counterproductive to number two on my list BUT I’d love to get a tattoo in my Grammy’s handwriting that says ‘Love + Prayers’. Losing my Grammy in 2011 was very hard on me and to this day I really feel as though a part of me died when she did, getting this tattoo would be my way of keeping her with me, always.
  4. Visit Ireland and Greece- I’d like to explore my Irish heritage which I take so much pride in. This was the place my ancestors including my Grammy called home at one point and I’d really love to see it for myself one day. I want to see Greece because although I’m not Greek their culture and customs fascinate me to no end. I have this odd feeling like I need to go there in my life plus my Pop always wanted to go there before his life was cut short at age 29 (due to a brain aneurism). I’d like to go there and bring back a Greek flag to place at his resting place so, in a way, he did get to go to Greece with me.
  5. Done A Million Random Acts of Kindness- Love your neighbor as you love yourself. It’s the golden rule, by the time my time on Earth is done I want to have done a million randomly kind things for total strangers.
  6. Make a REAL difference in the world- by the time my time is done I hope and pray I’ve made a positive impact on this world. That I’ve changed it for the better and inspired people through my words and actions.

That’s all I’ve got for now, but I’ll leave you with a quote:

Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for by this some have entertained angels without knowing it. – Hebrews 13:2

Are you doing that each day?

Love you. Mean it.