5 ways being a Dog Mom makes my life complete!

There’s a debate amongst the Moms and the Dog Moms often about should Pet-Parenthood be considered Parenthood at all. Since COVID-19 came on the scene here in the US only 6 months ago, a lot of us began working from home and spending a lot more time inside with our fur children. Being a dog mom means planning your day-to-day life around my four-legged son’s schedule. That means coming home by a certain time, making sure he’s well fed and taking him on daily walks.

But as you know, all of these dog mom tasks are more of a privilege than a chore, because being a dog mom to the best fur baby around is priceless. The snuggles, the unconditional love, the playtime romps around the dog park.

What does being a dog Mom really mean to me? Glad you asked!

1. Draco always makes me smile-no matter what kind of day I’m having Draco always brings a smile to my face! Whether it be a good day or a tough day he’s always there waiting to get excited with me or comfort me if I cry. Having that unconditional love at my disposal makes my life complete!

2. I’m just as excited for Christmas Day and to see the look on Draco’s face when we watch him open his presents!-yes Santa Claus comes and brings presents to your children he also brings some presents to my fur child. While I do not post these pictures on social media, I do often get up very early with Draco so he can open his treats from Santa. It makes Tom and I very happy to see the way his little face lights up as he gets excited to see his new toys. This isn’t limited to just Christmas of course that “just because” presents are the best of all! Seeing Draco happy makes my heart burst with joy!

3. I do talk to Draco as though he’s a little boy and not a dog-While Draco cannot speak “human,” I know he can understand and will certainly listen! Fur Kids are perfect to vent to and will never judge you for what you have to get off your chest. They also won’t give you an attitude or talk back. Having Draco to talk to makes Tom and I feel so complete as fur parents!

4. I never miss an opportunity to celebrate Draco-Birthdays, holidays milestones or even just for being a good boy! Any chance we get to celebrate our boy by throwing him a party is an opportunity we jump on. Because that’s just the dog parents Tom and I are!

5. My social media pages have more pictures of Draco than Tom and myself-Why post a picture of Tom and I when there are over 50 pictures that we’ve taken of Draco that day? Part of being a dog parents means annoying all of our friends on social media. And while many may think we’re posting too much, we feel as though you haven’t posted enough of your four-legged child!

Do you have a fur baby at home that makes your life complete? Drop a comment below, let’s chat!

2 thoughts on “5 ways being a Dog Mom makes my life complete!”

    1. They truly are the most precious examples of unconditional love. Life would be woefully incomplete without my Draco. I am glad to hear you can relate with your own wonderful fur babies! It absolutely can get crazy but it’s 100% worth it all the time. Thanks for sharing!

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