5 Things…

That may not be a big deal to you but are a big deal to Panther fans…

As a Panthers fan, there is territory that in polite conversation you don’t want anybody to ever mention to you. You may think you are being funny, or it’s not a big deal to mention said things, however, let me assure you that the following five things are a very big deal and offensive to Panther fans. What are those five things you may wonder? Let’s start with number one:

1. Bashing Cam Newton: If you ever want to take your life into your own hands just trash Cam Newton to a Panthers fan. Not only will we chew you up and spit you out we’ll do it in the most classy way possible cause bless your heart that’s how we roll. Understand that Cam Newton is mightier then the hammer of Thor to us and you must respect that or stay out of our mentions.

2. Bringing Up The Departure of Steve Smith: You know that Katy Perry song, ‘The One That Got Away’ ? That’s kind of how every Panther fan (including me) feels about Steve Smith’s dismissal from the team. He was a fan favorite from his explosive performances to his unfiltered responses. I can still eat a pint of Ben&Jerry’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream and cry for hours when I think about how his career with us ended. We are still loyal to our beloved Agent 89, so if you talk trash you’re liable to get a southern style attitude adjustment.

3. Defending Mike Shula: Thankfully this off-season Mike Shula was relieved of his offensive coordinator duties, however, if you’re thinking about defending the former man in charge of our offense you are likely to spark a heated debate with any Panthers fan within a 1000 mile radius of the BOA (Bank of America Stadium for all you non Panther fans). Blaming the receivers and Cam for offensive blunders is likely to get you blocked by a fair portion of us on Twitter. Just don’t do it!

4. Talking About Super Bowls 38 & 50 and How We Lost Both: Once again you are taking your life into your own hands if you think for one minute bringing these games up and mocking the fact that we don’t have any Super Bowl championships or rings is cute or funny to a Panthers fan cause it’s not. We are aware that we lost the big game twice and it is still a sore spot for many of us, in fact, many of us still root against the Patriots and Broncos no matter who they are playing because of those losses. Just because we have not won a Super Bowl yet does not mean that we never will or that we are not relevant because I can tell you I know one day we will win it and I know that we will stay relevant until we do and beyond that.

5. Calling Thomas Davis A Dirty Player: Thomas Davis is one of the most classiest human beings to ever walk this earth both on and off the field. After a rather nasty hit he gave DeVonte Adams a lot of Twitter erupted into calling Davis ‘dirty’. I don’t think a full 5 seconds eclipsed before we in Panther Nation rose to defend our Man of The Year’s honor. Once again, you can’t trash Davis without repercussions.

So there you have it five things we Panthers fans do not appreciate you bringing up in polite conversation. If you know a Panthers fan please share this article with them, if you are a Panthers fan please like and share this article anyway.

Love you. Mean it.



3 thoughts on “5 Things…”

      1. Yes!
        And YES!!!!!
        Totally agreed! It amazes me how much of this comes from within the fan base as well. (I’m sure that’s another topic for another day)

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