Compelling Feature Number 3 On the iPhone XS Max: Low Battery Mode

One of the most common issues on my iPhone 7 was I couldn’t get through a full day under moderate to heavy use without re-charging my phone about a quarter of the way through the day. I think most smartphone users can agree that despite the fact that our smartphones have so much abilities packed into our devices the battery power after a year or so starts to diminish. However, Apple has technology out now to where you can utilize your battery to the fullest and charge MUCH less often especially on the go.

Many iPhone users are familiar I’m certain with the “Low Power Mode”, which you’ll be prompted to activate it when your phone reaches 20% battery. However, on your iPhone XS Max you can also enable Low Power Mode manually before your phone gets to that point and it will certainly help stretch your battery life further. Here’s how it works.

While in Low Power Mode, your iPhone automatically disables settings like mail fetch, Hey Siri, and other things that people commonly change when they want to make their iPhones live longer between charges. For whatever reason, Low Power Mode is only available on iPhones, not  iPads which definitely stinks because I’d love to see how far I could stretch my iPad mini which can go a day and half between charges. Beginning with iOS 11, you can now enable Low Power Mode right from the Control Center.

Usually once your iPhone reaches 20 percent battery power left, you’ll see a “Low Power Mode” prompt appear. Your iPhone will inform you what features will be temporarily disabled, and you can choose to “Continue” and enable Low Power Mode or “Cancel” and not enable Low Power Mode. Low Power Mode can reportedly give you anywhere from one to three hours more time before your iPhone dies but it really depends on what you’re doing with your iPhone.

You can also enable Low Power Mode whenever you like. For example, let’s say it’s the start of a long day and you know you’ll be away from an outlet for a long while.

1. Kindly, tap on battery and drag it down on your new iPhone to utilize your control center.

2. Tap on the battery icon to enable ‘Low Battery mode’

So while I genuinely never personally endorse something I haven’t tried and was surprised that only reviewer seems to have done this. So I took up the mantle myself to give it a try. I don’t have any standardized battery tests that I can do, so I simply spent the last 2 weeks alternating between using Low Power Mode all day, and not using it at all and comparing the differences. My findings are rather remarkable. I decided to put this claim to the test with my iPhone this week and here are my results.

Monday (Regular battery use):

7:15 AM-100%

5:00 PM-65%

11:00 PM-20%

Tuesday (Low Battery Mode)

7:15 AM-100%

5:00 PM-75%

11:00 PM-40%

Wednesday (heavy texting/gaming, regular battery):

7:15 AM- 100%

5:00 PM-55%

11:00 PM-15%

Thursday (heavy texting/gaming low battery mode):

7:15 AM-100%

5:00 PM-68%

11:00 PM-39%

Friday (Low battery mode NORMAL use)

7:15 AM-100%

5:00 PM-72%

11:00 PM 48%

Just a general disclaimer: These were the results of MY findings. The individual findings may be different depending on WiFi availability, and individual phone usage. HOWEVER, I did find that the use of low power mode drastically improved my battery life. As a bonus I left my phone OFF the charger Thursday night into Friday of this past week and left it on Low battery mode. I had a 93% batter at 7 AM when I woke and had a 58% battery by 2 PM, so even with less than a full charge to start my day with I still haven’t even chewed through HALF my battery yet.

In my experiment based on my findings I’d say it most certainly pays to use Low battery mode at all times as there’s a 20-30% difference in battery left over at the end of the day especially if you don’t have constant access to a charger. If you don’t have the newest iPhone don’t despair either-you can manually toggle on your Low battery mode by accessing settings➡️battery➡️Low battery mode and switch it to ON as long as you have iOS 9 or later.

Which features have been your favorite so far? Leave a comment below and tell me what you think!

Love you. Mean it.



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