Brittany’s Booze Reviews

Today I reviewed: Smirnoff Spiked Sparkling Seltzer.

Overview: When you’re watching your figure and find yourself at a party getting peer pressured to have a drink but you really don’t want to drink but you don’t want to be a party pooper either. I give you a happy medium!

Backstory: This spiked sparkling seltzer was perfect for low carb living without feeling left out of a night out with friends. Some hard seltzers, such as White Claw, have a very prominent flavor that can either make or break your experience drinking it BUT with Smirnoff it’s subtle enough to not be overbearing and very refreshing. I will say to chill it first because instead of waiting for it to chill I was anxious, I grabbed my first can (watermelon nonetheless) and dove right in. It only comes in a variety pack: berry lemonade, cranberry lime, raspberry rosé, and watermelon all of which are delicious! Each can is only 1 net grams of carbs per serving so you can have a can once a week and not worry about the added sugars so you can save those calories for Thanksgiving dinner!

My favorite flavors by far out of the variety pack were berry lemonade and raspberry rosé, although the cranberry lime and watermelon weren’t unenjoyable. It’s got 4.5% alcohol-by-volume pick-me-up so much like the wine I reviewed this summer, don’t expect it to get you buzzed right away. It’s one of those drinks you feel the effects after you drank like four of them and then you’re giggling at absolutely nothing on your living room floor earning itself a A for just being so accommodating to different taste buds and low carb/sugar.


I Gave It A Grade Of A: A+

Typical Drinkers: People who’ve cut back on drinking to drop some pounds and who just occasionally like a drink without consequence.

User Comments:

“Oh wow, this has alcohol?”

“0 grams of sugar, sweet deal!”

“Only 2 grams of carbs for two glasses!? Sign me up!”

*takes sip and speaks in British accented voice voice* “it’s cool, crisp, hydrating and delicious!”

What Your Family Would Say if They Saw You Drinking This: “you seriously drank my entire variety pack, what’s wrong with you?”

An Apt Anagram and Song Parody of “Smirnoff Spiked Sparkling Seltzer”: Flavors of the world 
Spiked Seltzer up your life 
Every boy and every girl 
Spiked Seltzer up your life 
People of the world 
Spiked Seltzer up your life 

You’ll Like This if You: Hate the taste of beer and prefer the taste of something much lighter that doesn’t compromise taste.

Food Pairing Suggestion: Some low carb pizza and fresh mozzarella cheese slices dipped in marinara.

What’s your favorite alcoholic beverage ? Leave a comment below!

Love You. Mean it.



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