Compelling Feature #2 of the iPhone XS Max

It has been one week since I bought my iPhone XS Max and the compelling features just keep piling up! Not only is this smartphone incredible in and of itself with so many features, it’s also great for people like me, who love to game on their phone. What I am going to walk you through today is definitely compelling feature number two for anyone who is playing a game on their iPhone and would like to record their game time to share with friends.

Have you ever had an instance where your Friend, Brother, or Mother are stuck on a level of Candy Crush that you beat and you want to be able to show them how to beat it? Now, in the past you would probably have to wait until you saw them to walk them through the level or Google ‘how to’ videos on YouTube but those days are over. What if I told you that you can walk them through it yourself now if you know how to beat the level? You would probably tell me to stop talking about the compelling feature number two and simply show you!

So today I’m going trying things just a little bit differently, I’m going to be putting a video in this thread on how to utilize the screen record button on your iPhone XS max! In order to do that though I’m going to give you directions on where to find this amazing feature!

1. Tap and slide down the battery icon on your new iPhone XS max.

So now as you notice there’s a few different features which I will be walking you through the next couple weeks including what they do, and why they are special. Today, however you are going to look for the Bullseye looking icon which I’ve kindly pointed out with the arrow I drew in the screenshot of my features bar. Once you’ve found this you’re ready to begin!

**Update: the video doesn’t seem to be working on here but if you go to Are You There Friday it’s Me Brittany in Facebook you’ll be able to see it along with this post.**

Ta-da! So there you have it now you know how to record your screen if you ever get the urge to make an impromptu ‘How to Video’ right from your iPhone. This feature also comes in handy when you want to walk somebody through how to access a new feature on their iPhone, I have used it to show some of my friends different features and it does come in handy because I can literally show them with the tap of the button rather than try to explain it over the phone or wait till I see them.

I really hope that you enjoyed this compelling feature number two. As some of you may have noticed I had low battery mode on with 98% battery, there’s a method to my madness as I will be discussing the importance of utilizing low battery mode even when you have a full battery next week and how much longer time you get out of your battery throughout the day by utilizing it.

I really hope you enjoyed this blog post and video! What is your favorite feature that I have shown you so far? Leave a comment below and let’s chat!

Love you. Mean it.



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