Life Hack Test #1…

…Blood stains can be removed by Hydrogen Peroxide

Okay, so I love life hacks probably more than your average person, originally when I set out to create this blog it was going to be solely me testing out life hacks to either boost or diminish credibility to them. However, I decided the variety is always best when it comes to blogging, especially with so many competitors out there. I’ll often stumble across on Pinterest helpful tips and tricks which seem too good to be true. Some of these tricks I’ve found work, others I’ve found may work under certain circumstances but might not always ring true.
One particular life hack which caught my eye while I struggled with writer’s block this week was that hydrogen peroxide could remove blood stains. Now it just so happens I have some blood stained pants (pre washed of course, but stained nonetheless) and some hydrogen peroxide lying around my house. It must be noted that this hack is not very specific about how soon after your clothing becomes stained you need to apply the hydrogen peroxide so like any good scientist, I must first perform a hypothesis:
Hypothesis: If I apply hydrogen peroxide to my blood stained pants the peroxide will remove the offending stain from my pants and make them like new.
Theory 1: The stain is old and having gone through a cycle of wash and dry will remain due to the lack of action upon first receiving the stain.
Theory 2: The peroxide when applied to a fresh stain will help lift the blood for the washer/dryer but not remove it.
Theory 3. It works!
Now that I’ve proposed the hypothesis and three possible outcome theories I will tell you what you need:
1. An article of blood stained clothing FREE thanks to your recklessness.
2. Hydrogen Peroxide which could be picked up at your local dollar store for $1.00
Total Expenses: $1.00
Here’s What I did…
1. Propped the offending pair of pants with the dried stain against my bathroom sink. You can see what I’m working with in the picture below.
2. I doused the stain in Hydrogen Peroxide and let it sit for 5 minutes.
3. FIRST I tried rubbing the stain out but as you can see below I don’t think this helped a whole lot.
4. NEXT I tried something different, after re-soaking the stain, I took out your standard blow dryer and applied heat directly onto the stain.

5. Voila! While the stain isn’t completely gone, it’s nearly invisible to the naked eye and after a few more repeats of steps 1-4 it was starting to vanish.

My verdict: While this life hack DOES work, I feel that it would have worked even better or removed it completely with minimal repetition if done immediately after receiving the stain in question.
Have you or will you try this life hack next time you find a blood stain on your clothes? Leave a comment below discussing your thoughts and suggestions, I love hearing from you!
Love you. Mean it.

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