DIY Party Lanterns…

…So easy children can do it!

I love Summertime, it’s a prime time for parties, gatherings, and BBQs some of which stretch long into the night. Some of my most fond memories growing up were night swimming in my parents’ large in-ground pool, swimming up to the large light and slapping the water to make gold bubbles, I also remember tiki torches lighting up the night. While I do not have a pool at my home or a large budget with bills to pay, when I do someday get my pool I’ll need atmosphere for parties and such. Yes, I could go out to Home Depot to invest in some tiki torches perfect for a night swim accent, but why do that when I could also create some homemade accent lanterns without breaking the bank?  The materials you need are simple but perhaps more simple then that is how to put them together.

What you will need:


Glow Sticks- We used the Bulk Play Glow Wrapped Mega Glow Stick available at DollarTree for $1.00.
You can find them here:

White Balloons- We used the Bulk White Latex Balloons, 12″ 15 CT, packs also available at DollarTree for $1.00
You can find them here:

Estimated Price: $2.00

1. First we bought some white balloons (seen above) and I blew them up while Tom cracked some glow sticks (also pictured above) so they glowed.

2. We then stuck two glow sticks inside each balloon. Note: this WILL make your balloon deflate a bit, so be prepared to blow it up a bit afterwards and don’t forget to tie a knot.

Tada! You’re Done! They glowed for approximately 6 hours, while we sat on the patio hosting our friends this evening and the best part was they were only $2.00 to purchase and put together! Would you or have you tried this simple DIY project? Leave a comment below, I love hearing from you!

Love you. Mean it.


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