My Thoughts…

…The WWE Brand Split

It’s Shane’s Smackdown Live  vs. Stephanie’s RAW Live on USA Network.

So whether you’ve been watching the WWE since the early 90’s or are new to the viewership, unless you’re living under a rock, you’ve heard of the impending brand split and draft. What does this mean for viewers? You can now catch your favorite superstars LIVE on Monday night RAW OR Tuesday night Smackdown but what this means for the roster is an entirely different matter completely. The roster will be split in a draft held this Tuesday night on Smackdown and while the brand split has caused a lot of confusion among fans, here is a list of why I think it was a good move.


1. It gives Superstars like Becky Lynch, Dean Ambrose, Bray Wyatt and AJ Styles a chance to shine without being overshadowed all the time. While Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins can potentially continue their rivalry on RAW this leaves room for a possible Dean Ambrose feud where AJ Styles can become a top challenger on Smackdown. This would give him some much-needed exposure and come up I think he’s earned. This is beneficial to the women as well, Becky and Natalya can also take their rivalry to the next level without being held back by the Sasha Banks and (Current Women’s Champion) Charlotte, feud.

2. It gives you a competitive feel in the wake of siblings Shane and Stephanie McMahon trying to one-up each other on back-to-back nights for ratings. Vince’s offspring have a very convincing front of hating each other’s guts, what better way for them to try to prove to Daddy dearest that one deserves to inherit the company over the other than TWO LIVE shows on Monday and Tuesday night which give viewers insight to how the WWE would be run under the control of either of them.

3. Better utilization of the “jobber” talent to have the chance to become something more than “jobbers”. It has been mentioned in quite a few blogs I’ve skimmed through regarding this topic but I got to bring up Cody Rhodes. Why? He is the very talented and very under utilized son of legend Dusty Rhodes and brother to Goldust.  Cody, or Stardust, as he shamefully came to be known at towards the end of his career left due to the feeling that he wasn’t being used to the best of his abilities, and we don’t blame you one bit for that Cody the gimmick was stale and you were reduced to being a “jobber” consecutively. Having two separate brands will allow the currently under utilized talent to be shown more on TV. It also allows more screen time for guys like Dolph Ziggler and Zack Ryder who having a really hard time making an impact on the main roster. I mean, remember the days when Dolph was actually a guy to contend with? Too bad he was so good that even Lana wanted to kiss him when Rusev shunned her? Those days seem so far away when you see what he’s been reduced to now. A brand split could definitely breathe some much-needed life back into his career.

4. The potential bring back of the old Gold Championship belt. Okay follow me for a second, lets say Rollins is drafted to Stephanie’s RAW while Ambrose is drafted to Shane’s Smackdown. Now let’s also imagine during Battleground when The Shield former members face off once and for all, Dean Ambrose retains. The storyline could this open up for the furious Stephanie McMahon is limitless. The possibilities are endless because so ruthless is she that I can totally see her demanding a belt be brought back for her champion Seth Rollins to try to win while the current belt stays with Smackdown. She’ll get it too, if only because she’ll whine that it’s not fair for RAW to not have a belt.

So there you have it, my thoughts on four potentially good outcomes of the 2016 WWE Brand Split. One final note, to those of you who are disappointed to see certain Superstars on different shows REMEMBER it’s a scripted show “trades” and “free agency” are always possible, no one is set in stone to not face each other. You can catch WWE Live on Monday and Tuesday Nights 8 PM Eastern Standard Time.
Leave your comments discussing your thoughts on the subject below, I’d love to hear from you.

Love you. Mean it.



12 thoughts on “My Thoughts…”

  1. I didn’t know you were into wrestling!! I miss the attitude era. I still watch it today and make it a point to buy my ticket whenever they’re in town. Who’s your favorites?

    1. Old era I loved Stone Cold, Rakishi, Big Show, AJ Lee and Lita…new era I love Bray Wyatt, both Hardy’s, Finn Balor and Seth Rollins. For the women’s division I love Charlotte Flair, Nia Jaxx, Alexa Bliss, Natalya and Bayley (although I am partial to the Bella Twins, Paige and Aska)

      1. You didn’t mention anyone I hated, so that’s great. I’m a bella twin fan for sure. Total Divas, Total Bellas…the youtube channel. Im forever a Hardy Boyz fan!! Broken Matt Hardy and Brother Nero was the best!!

      2. She surprised me with both matches she had. Especially the last one with Nia Jax. Plus (my “typical guy side” coming out here) she looks kinda hot when she’s mad

      3. My old boss looked like Bray Wyatt. He started playing into it, wearing Hawaiian shirts, and that hat he wears. It was awesome

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