February Update: New Writing Schedule!

So you will have to forgive me for my lack of updates, my personal life and professional life outside of this website have really picked up so I’ve had to put updating on the back burner while I’ve really focused on that. I know that I had mentioned this a few months back but I wanted to just reiterate I’m going to be changing my posting schedule indefinitely. On Fridays, I am going to try to upload a video into a post. Unfortunately I’m not the most savvy when it comes to things like that so it’s taking me some time to learn which platform I want to use and also if I need to pay for this add on to add it to my site.

The problem is I’ve been delayed with work picking up and being so busy that it doesn’t leave me with a lot of extra time to sit and think about what I want to write and begin drafting it. Even the video portion, which I will be doing with my husband, takes time and planning. I’m not somebody who will ever half ass a project especially something that I take a lot of pride in. To be honest, a lot of the times I come home from work and I’m just really too tired to think about posting much of anything. I can promise you through that despite these writing slumps that I go through I will (at the very least) certainly be posting at least once a month my favorites for the month. The problem with being a writer is a lot of the time you are at the mercy of your muse and right now my muse is missing in action. There were some months where I had material to write about every week but as of lately there really hasn’t been much I felt driven to share.

I believe that I mentioned in many of my posts from the past that I suffer from anxiety. One of the downsides when it comes to having anxiety is wanting to do something but just not having the drive or the energy to do it. This may also fall under mild depression. For me these slumps always seem to happen in the winter. Despite this I do have some exciting news to share with regards to my writing schedule.

Writing and updating going forward will mostly be done on Sundays now, as Tom has a brand new schedule which allows him to work days while having Fridays and Saturdays off. The trade-off is that he has to work until till mid-afternoon on Sundays. This, however, will allow me time to wrap around planning for the next week and writing where I could be totally uninterrupted. I think that updating on Sundays will be much more realistic for this blog going forward. I feel like this will help me become a better more dedicated blogger and writer when I have just a full day dedicated and to myself to plan out the coming weeks. Next Sunday, I have already begun drafting my February favorites which I will post next week I just wanted to update you all on what has been going on and when you can expect a new post. I will also update you all on when you can expect the Friday videos.

A lot of my friends have asked, “Brittany, if you are going to be posting on Sundays now shouldn’t you change your name to: Are you there Sunday it’s me Brittany?“ The answer to that question is no, because most people aren’t excited for Sunday knowing they have to get back into the week on Monday.

Here are some exciting topics which I have planned for the month of March: Lent and how what the Lord says is relevant in modern times (this will feature my husband, Tom) , Recipes, and Makeup reviews. Looking forward there is going to be a lot of exciting things on the horizon that will definitely inspire me to update more, particularly my trip to North Carolina in July where Tom and I are going to visit some of the towns and make a decision about possibly moving there in the future. I will be reviewing restaurants, fun activities and a lot of these posts will feature my Godson, Luke. I’m not sure yet if I will be posting every day for that week or if I’ll just do one big long post on the drive or fly back home back to Jersey. I’ll keep you updated.

My point in telling you all this as well things seem kind of uninspired at the moment the next few months are really going to be picking up with things that are going on that I’m definitely gonna want to take you on these adventures with me. Until then I will catch you next Sunday with my February Favorites.

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