You Came To See A New Post

Instead you got pictures of Draco…

Today was the first nice day we’ve had here where I live in a long time. By nice I mean it was nearly 60 degrees, which may be considered cold depending on your part of the world but for here it is mild.

I had for all intents and purposes planned to sit and write an article on the difficulty of raids in Pokémon Go, perhaps a short story, or an opinionated piece but the sun was strong, the birds were singing, I had a half-day at work and hyper Jack Russell. So instead I walked with my fur baby.

Being able to reconnect with nature and spend time with my four-legged child is critical in my creative process. There are days I have so much to share and days where I have nothing more then photographs from a weekend spent off the grid. I also promised myself I’d write when inspiration struck. I’m keeping that promise, this blog is a labor of love it’s a little bit of everything that makes up who I am as a person.

I guess what I’m trying to say is: Some weeks, you get a gold mine, and others? Well others you’ll get pictures of my fur-baby.

Love you. Mean it.



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