Skulls and Celtic Scenery

A Song of Life and Death

A poem by Brittany Schmidt


Life is.

Life is growing.

Life is learning.

Life is giving.

Life is taking.

Life is loving.

Life is laughing.

Life is celebrating.

Life is successful.

Life is setbacks.

Life is giving without take.

Life is heartbreaking.

Life is crying.

Life is mourning.

Life is learning to trust to God’s will and love.

Life in service to the Lord and his people is truth.

Truth is life well lived.


Death is.

Death is the shedding our earthly bodies.

Death is reflecting on our lives.

Death shows us how we’ve grown.

Death shows us how we’ve learned.

Death takes us from our mortal lives.

Death is defeated by a Savior who loves us.

Death is reuniting with God and Christ.

Through Christ, Death gives us new life.

Death is celebrating the graduation of our earthly life.

Life after death is success.

Life after death is no more heartache or tears.

Life after death is laughter and love.

Life after death is free of pain where we’re united with those we loved and lost never to be parted again.

In loving memory of those who went home to the Lord this week. Including my friend Rob’s Stepfather and my Uncle Fred’s Mother.

Love you. Mean it.



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