An Open Letter To Thomas Davis: No Matter What Lies Ahead We’ll Always Love You.

Dear Thomas Davis,

When I first read the news that after 14 seasons you would not return to us I felt hurt, angry, and confused. To be honest the first thought that popped into my head was the unceremoniously infamous way we parted ways with Steve Smith. I wanted to fly to Charlotte, march into the front office and demand they reinstate you before security was called and I would no doubt be removed kicking and screaming. Several days removed I was able to understand why they did this, and while intellectually I understand it’s a business and we need to give Shaq Thompson his time to prove himself as more then a backup, I want you know you’ll always be a Panther to me.

You always played at a high level, and I understand why you’re not ready to hang up your cleats. You’re a go-getter to the highest extent and I know whatever team inherits your talent will gain someone truly special: a leader, a dedicated teammate and friend, someone they can be proud of on and off the field. Please know, however, we’re only letting that team BORROW YOU because you will ALWAYS be a Panther to both the Queen City and ALL of us fans.

It doesn’t matter if you spend two or three years as a Lion, a Bengal, a Bear or a Falcon. If you find your next opportunity as a Buccaneer or-please dear God don’t ever go to the Saints. You will always be a Carolina Panther and the epitome of “Keep Pounding”.

I can talk about your stats, which are impressive and speak volumes for themselves but I’d rather talk about you as a person who I was proud represented my team OFF the field as well.

You came back, not once, but THREE times from potentially career ending injuries. You’ve done so much for the community that you’ve earned yourself the Walter Payton Man Of The Year award and you’ve been the leader to a team who often looked to you in terms of how to grow both on and off the field. You’ve inspired us fans to never give up, and have supported us through our victories and disappointing shortcomings. You and your family will always be a part of the blueprint and glue that holds Carolina together. We love you and we know you love us too no matter where your career may end, I hope all roads lead back to Carolina for a 1 day contract where you end your professional career in Charlotte.

Please know, Thomas, you’re a Panthers legend in you’re own right and no matter what lies ahead we will always love you and wish you the best of everything! Keep Pounding!

Love you. Mean it.



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