Wine Review

Today I Reviewed: Flip Flop’s Pino Grigio Wine

Overview: When you’re watching your figure on a low carb lifestyle but all your friends still insist on putting their livers into cardiac arrest, Flip Flop’s Pino Grigio comes to the rescue. “It’s Flippin’ Good” at least I thought so.

Backstory: This Pino Grigio was perfect for both sweet and dry wine lovers as it really was the best of both worlds. I will say to chill it first because instead of waiting for it to chill I was anxious, I grabbed my wine glass and dove right in. It’s only 3 net grams of carbs per glass so you can have a glass a wine once a week and not worry about the added sugars so you’ll be beach ready!

The taste reminded me of an episode of Total Bellas, I felt like Nicole sitting in the vineyards with an oversized hat, sun glasses and maxi dress. It’s got 13% alcohol-by-volume kicker but it doesn’t get you buzzed right away. It’s one of those wines you feel the effects the more you drink of it, sneaking up on you, earning itself a A for just being so accommodating to different taste buds and low carb/sugar.

 I Gave It A Grade Of A: A

Typical Drinkers: People who’ve cut back on drinking to drop some pounds and adults on a budget.

User Comments:

“Can I have some cheese cubes with this, please?”

“Only 122 calories, woah!”

“Only 6 grams of carbs for two glasses!? Sign me up!”

*takes sip and speaks in Nikki Bella voice* “Oh, my God you guys this is so AMAZING!”

What Your Family Would Say if They Saw You Drinking This: “it’s only $9 bucks and you didn’t get me my own bottle?! You’re seriously that cheap?”

An Apt Anagram of “Flip Flop Wine”: It’ll knock your flip flops off.

Best Described as a Song Lyric: “Annie, are you okay, you okay, you okay, Annie?

You’ve been hit by. You’ve been struck by.

A smooth criminal.”-Michael Jackson ‘Smooth Criminal’

You’ll Like This if You: got a mortgage and other bills to pay, are watching your weight and want to let loose on Friday nights on a budget.

Food Pairing Suggestion:  A nice sirloin steak dinner or some cheese cubes at a Breakfast at Tiffany’s viewing.

What’s your favorite wine? Leave a comment below!

Love You. Mean it.



One thought on “Wine Review”

  1. It’s Friday!!! I’ve never really been a wine drinker, but I feel like Im at an age where I need to try new things. Wine tasting seems very classy, and I think I can get into classy. I’ll give it a try.

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