Celebrating Friendship and Human Kindness

With the Four of Wands…

The subject of friendship and human kindness has been written about ever since the beginning of time. It’s as old as the Earth and in this particular mythical tale of Jason it’s especially true that without the kindness, and generosity of his friends he would never have been able to achieve his goal of obtaining the Golden Fleece. That is the Four of Wands in essence, taking a moment to pause and remember those around you who’ve helped you obtain your own goals and celebrating how far you’ve come as a result.

The irony that Spirit chose THIS particular card just days after ‘National Best Friends Day’ shows how in-tune God is with the needs of his children (us!). Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels are our most choicest friends. They work in tandem with OTHER’S Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels to bring people into each other’s lives as blessings and lessons. This is why some friendships last forever while others are for only a time. Friendships which stand the test of time and ones which only last a short while are BOTH of equal value because they’ve taught us things and helped in our spiritual growth and journey.

Most of our friends here on this Earth plane were our friends before we came here in heaven. Our closest friends (Pre-Creation Era when we all helped God create the Earth) and ourselves made pacts with each other BEFORE coming here to help teach us lessons and enrich our lives. These Pre-Creation friends become our family members and friends in life as predetermined before our arrival. This includes everything from how we meet, the role we’ll take on in each other’s life, what we’d learn from one another, and how long we’d be apart of each other’s spiritual journeys. All these things are agreed upon before our birth .

These Pre-Creation friends often come in the form of teachers who encouraged us when we felt like giving up, or even relatives and friends who agree to get sick to inspire other family members to quit harmful habits which could prematurely end their life and their spiritual journey before meeting their goals between them and God. We ALL have a purpose but God puts our family and friends here on this Earth to help us to meet our goals and to, as Dory from ‘Finding Nemo’ would say, “Just Keep Swimming!”

I have had some friends for a couple of months and they’ve taught me some valuable lessons which I carry with me for the rest of my life. I have had some friends who I’ve had in my life for a few years and when our purposes in each other’s lives had been served so had our time in each other’s lives. While separating from these friends are often bittersweet sometimes our lives take us on different paths, and that’s okay! We can still love and honor those no longer apart of our lives whether family (in death) or friends (by growing apart and yes even death) by carrying what we learned from them in our hearts. In life we are both teachers and students there are always opportunities to teach the people around us as well as learn from the people around us. Each lesson is valuable, all growth is good in God’s eyes!

Now I have also had some friends that I met later in life, these are the friends that I met and seemed to click with some times instantaneously and for no reason at all. Friends that I know are meant to walk beside me, Bless and enrich me for the rest of my life. I also have friends I’ve had since birth, our parents were either related or friends and thus we became family/friends too, that I know are meant to stay till the very end. As those friends have grown and found partners and spouses the circle of our friendship has grown ushering in new friends who I am blessed to have.

Two people in particular come to mind as I write this post. The first one a friend (my best friend) who has been on my life journey with me since we were five years old and that particular friend and I have learned from each other, taught each other, loved each other, and supported each through every phase of our lives. There have been ups, downs, celebrations and yes even fallouts but they never last long because one of us always remembers the pact we made subconsciously before we came to this school called Earth, to be by each other’s side till the very end.

The second person who comes to mind is my husband. Tom is not only my lover but also my best friend, and he grew up two miles from me. We shared the same friends for different seasons in our lives, yet never meeting until when we were in our late teens we finally met and fell in love. He too, has helped me though every obstacle I’ve ever faced in my adolescent and adult life and he too I know is meant to be by my side until the very end. In entering into marriage with my husband I gained more family and friends who love and support me whenever I need it. This is beautiful, this is a blessing.

These family and friends who walk with us, some for a season and some for a lifetime, will often help us carry our crosses when life’s burdens weigh us down. They act as Christ in our lives acting as beacons of hope, love, loyal, mercy, kindness and forgiveness. In loving them in return we become more like Christ and love ourselves better. The Four of Wands symbolizes the people who supported you behind the scenes (past, present and future) while you achieve your dreams and encourages you to count your blessings for them.

When The Four of Wands appears in a spread it calls forth a time of celebrating after working hard to meet a goal, a deadline, or pass an exam. You worked hard, let your hair down! However, DON’T neglect to acknowledge those around you who have helped you: family, friends, and yes even sometimes colleagues at work.

Happy Belated National Best Friends Day.

Love you. Mean it.



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