The Samurai Knight

The Story Behind Why I Created It:
I call this piece ‘The Samurai Knight’, and I was inspired to create it for my friends Rob and Alice who wanted something Samurai themed to hang up in their new place.

The Inspiration Factor:
The idea of this piece came to me while I was watching Disney’s ‘Mulan’ and sketching on my favorite drawing app, ‘MyBrushes’. Originally the face of the samurai was very much like Shang Yu ( the villian Hun) however, I decided to make the warrior more mysterious and add more of a shadow to his face but if you look closely at the mouth and mustache you can see elements of Shang in this creation.

The horse was very hard to draw to my own impeccably perfectionist standards. I’m my harshest critic so after redoing the eyes several times I decide to just make them black. It ended up really suiting this piece perfectly.

The color red symbolizes the power and determination of the samurai warrior. The black, particularly around the face and the horse’s eye symbolize the mysteriousness of their identity; whereas the beige background as opposed to classic white is to represent the calm, levelheaded nature of the samurai and his horse during times of strife.

Overall this piece is one of my favorites to create because it symbolizes power and mystery. It took me about six hours to complete from draft to finished product and I plan on ordering a copy on canvas to hang in my living room as well.

Love you. Mean it.



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