So I Got Hair Extensions…

Here are my thoughts so far on Keratin Extension…

I’ve wanted hair extensions ever since I was a teenager and so as an early birthday gift to myself I decided to embark on a hair journey of sorts. While many women would opt for an Apple Watch on their birthday, but for me, lucky number 27 was about good old-fashioned vanity. I hadn’t had long hair in more than five years, especially after cutting it Victoria Beckham short last year and needing to wear clip-in extensions for my wedding, I felt like changing it up. Of course, I was afraid—all the horror stories would it damage my hair? Would it feel weird? Well here’s my experience so far on hair extensions.
After going to my trusted salon ‘Salon Bellissimo’ and talking with one of my hairdressers, Candice, I opted for the keratin-bond extensions. The hair isn’t fake but in fact tiny strands of real, virgin (unprocessed) human hair. Generally, since I got them at the salon that has religiously cut and colored my hair for three years Candice was able to match my color and order the hair, which I paid for after my consultation.


The extensions themselves looked like small wisps of my own hair, but with a keratin-based dried “glue” at one end. They can be curled, dyed, straightened, styled with heat—everything I’d do to my own hair. In order to attach them, Candice used heat with a tool that reminded me of a monkey wrench and she fused that keratin “glue” to my hair. My extensions were placed in rows so that they always remain strategically covered by another piece of hair, even if I were to wear a ponytail.

What You Need to Know


My dry hair was sectioned off, and Candice worked in rows, scooping tiny sections of my hair up (much like applying highlights) and placing an individual extension about a 1/2-inch away from the root. Then, she used the monkey wrench looking tool to fuse it on. Honestly, some pieces you’ll feel when they put in and others you won’t but I will say that if you are too ADHD to sit and patiently wait out the time it takes to get them in then well maybe you should reconsider. The process took between two and half hours for me and finishes with a blowout and dry cut in order to ensure the extensions are layered or evened out to perfection.

My First Reaction

“Kim Kardashian, eat your heart out!”



My Second Reaction

Wait…this feels weird. Physically, there is a tiny “bead” (think of it like a bit of clear nail polish that hardens to a small spot of your hair) where the keratin “glue” is attached to your hair. When you run your hands through your hair, you will feel them, and at first it’s like, “Oh, so now I’m going to feel like I have hard stuff stuck in my hair at all times? Why did I do this? Was this a mistake?” Forget about trying to lay down on the couch and get comfy because you really feel those suckers in your head now.

But then, you look in the mirror and see your Kardashian-hair reflection again, you take a million selfies (at least that’s what I did) and all of that fear fades away.

After the First Wash…

You have to be careful with extensions, specifically the bonds. You can’t just yank a brush through your hair or clamp a flatiron onto the glue spot. Candice also advises not to use conditioner where the bonds are located because that could loosen them. She also recommends don’t use products with sulfates, which can break down the bonds. As someone who’s religiously colored their hair since they were 12, I have always used sulfate-free shampoo. Now in my experience, I was scared to wash my hair but after the first time I did I’m now confident that I can do it.

Damage Control

1. Brush your hair with a special de-tangle brush designed for extensions and brush often to avoid your extensions looking matted.

2. Make regular monthly appointments with your stylist to get a blowout and check on the existing bonds in your hair.

3. Silk pillowcases are great for extensions during sleep and allow for the hair to not get tangled in your sleep.

4. If you don’t have a silk pillowcase then please sleep with your hair in a low ponytail as this will accomplish the same feat as number 3.

5. Treat it like your real hair and that means heat protectant spray before use of any heat products to prevent damage.

What’s the Cost?

Be wary of any salon that charges you less than $500, extensions will cost you anywhere from $500-1,000 dollars (depending on the salon, I paid WAY less then $1,000 FYI) but if you treat them right they can last up to 6-7 months before you need to order replacements.

What’s the Verdict?
So far I have enjoyed my experience with them, I am still adjusting to having them but find they enhance my look and boost my confidence. Candice and the rest of Salon Belissimo are wonderful, dedicated, professionals who were very reassuring and offered to help me in any way that they could in caring for my new addition.
I highly recommend this salon to anyone in New Jersey especially since I’m extremely particular about my hair that I have only allowed them to touch it and feel totally safe in their hands.

What do you think of extensions? Have you ever or would you ever get them? Leave a comment below to discuss your thoughts and feelings as I love hearing from you.

Love you. Mean it.


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