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Easy Pineapple, Mango, and Grape Fruit Salad

Good Afternoon Fan Friends,

As the summer months approach nothing quite hits the spot on a hot, humid day like a fruit salad. Fruit Salad is one of my go-to dessert recipes whether I’m a guest at a BBQ or binge-watching Sex and the City re-runs on E! I love it because as a busy woman on the go, it’s quick and easy to throw together, and also a great way to get a serving of a variety of fresh fruit.

I made this salad with pineapple, grapes, and mango, but you can use any fruit that you’d prefer. Please bear in mind that I am not a dietitian or nutritionist so if you make this recipe you do so at your own risk. Always consult a doctor or medical professional about nutritional information. Never make any changes to your diet without first consulting a licensed professional. I am NOT to be held liable, please read the food and recipe DISCLAIMER thoroughly before proceeding.

Now that’s out of the way, back to the good stuff! What I love about this fruit salad is that it takes a total time of 10 minutes to throw together. I like to refrigerate it for at least two hours to let the flavors come together and get cold. The most time-consuming part of the prep is washing off and cutting up the different fruits.

I usually serve this fruit salad recipe plain for dessert or as a side dish but my Mother’s recipe for a fruit salad dressing is super light, decadent and I needed to include it. Fruit salad will last in the refrigerator for 3-4 days, when sealed tightly with plastic wrap.

I don’t recommend freezing fruit salad because the fruit will be soft when defrosted and the salad won’t seem as fresh. If you have leftover fruit salad and want to freeze it, you can store it in plastic bags and use it for other recipes like smoothies or fruit syrups later. This fruit salad recipe will stay fresh when covered and kept refrigerated, and typically won’t turn brown or oxidize.

Here’s what you need for the fruit salad:

  • The fruit of your choice. (To save time I usually get the pre-cut fresh fruit & rinse off thoroughly.) I used pre-cut pineapples, mangoes and red grapes.
  • A large bowl.
  • Salad mixing tools or two large spoons.
  • Plastic wrap

If you want to include the dressing as well you will need the following:

  • One block cream cheese.
  • One 14 oz (0.53 kg) can sweetened condensed milk.
  • One teaspoon vanilla.
  • Two tablespoons lemon juice.
  • Instructions:

    • Carefully wash your fruit to ensure any access dirt or debris is cleansed.
    • With a standard kitchen knife, carefully slice open and chop up your fruit into bite sized pieces.
    • Combine fruit pieces into a large bowl big enough to accommodate your fruits of choice and mix!
    • Cover fruit with plastic wrap and begin chilling it while working on your fruit dressing* (this is optional!)
    • Soften the cream cheese and mix in the sweetened condensed milk, vanilla, and lemon juice completely with a mixer.
    • Allow dressing and fruit salad to chill 1-2 hours before enjoying!

    For best results only use fresh fruit, not frozen in this fruit salad. Frozen fruit is mushy once thawed and watery so it won’t work the same here unfortunately. Keep in mind though that you can use other fruits that are in season, it’s not a ‘one size fits all’ recipe. If you’re like me, and feel super lazy on any given day you can always buy the fresh pre-cut fruit to cut down on even more time. Just make sure to give it a rinse before adding it in (better safe than sorry).

    I recommend eating this salad within 3-4 days of making it. Granted, if I happen to have any left over on day 5 or 6 of course I still eat it but it’s not quite as good as it was within the first 3-4 days.

    If you’ve bought the pre-cut fruit I recommend chopping the fruits up into almost baby bites and always up to 1 day in advance. I didn’t make the dressing this time around but when I do I also make the dressing a day in advance.

    Allow it to refrigerate overnight before taking it out of your fridge the following day. You’ll need to let dressing rest at room temperature for at least 20 minutes too. I recommend tossing the fruit and dressing together when you’re ready to serve it.

    Pro Tips for Perfect Fruit Salad:

    • Use a variety of fruit. Just because I’m using pineapple, mango and grapes doesn’t mean you have to. You can literally use just about any fresh fruit will work here but if you’re going to a party and want the wow factor, I recommend using a blend to add a variety of flavor and eye-catching color.

    • Use ripened fruit. As in, you may need to plan ahead and buy the pineapple and mango nearly a week in advance because they take time to ripen.

    In an effort to keep you as informed as possible I’ve provided a nutritional cheat sheet courtesy of my friends over at HappyForks! Please note that these are only estimates. For more information in tracking what’s in your recipes you can visit them by clicking HERE!

    As always, I’d like to thank each and every one of you for following along with me on this blogging journey. We’ve reached 55 follows and I am both incredibly humbled and exceedingly blessed. I’ve learned so much and I’m looking to creating more fantastic content for you to enjoy. If you have any topics you’d like me weigh in on, recipes and products you’d like me try, or plants you’d like me to try not to kill, please drop a comment below or e-mail me at: ! I’d love to hear from you!

    The Got’cha Bracelet Review

    This week I am reviewing what is considered a spin-off of Pokemon GO+, the Gotcha is a based on a fitness tracker called the Fitgo Prime (or sometimes the Primefit) and helps you enjoy Pokémon Go on the move without looking at your smartphone! This is especially handy if you’re out to dinner with family at a place that happens to be a pokestop, it helps you catch Pokémon and collect items on the go. It provides the trainers on-screen and vibrates alerts. It works best with the ‘Auto-Spin/Catch’ mode on which allows the Go-tcha to do all the work for you and you don’t even need to respond – Go-tcha does it all! Collect Pokéballs, Potions, Eggs and other items at Pokéstops without you having to check your smartphone.

    The Pros of The Product:

    1. It’s Got Unique Features– Pokémon Go’cha offers the unique ability to auto catch Pokémon, auto collect items at Pokéstops when nearby and also the ability to turn on and off auto-Catch mode. It’s touchscreen and animated graphics are pretty basic but they get the job done, the vibration is strong enough that you can feel when you’re close to a pokestop so you’ll never miss out

    2. It’s Sleek and Simply Designed– the Go-tcha looks very similar to a Fitbit. The device pops out of the silicone band and comes easy to recharge. I did struggle getting it in and out of the band and the band itself isn’t exactly pretty but I’ve read about it being similar to another product where you can swap out for me it’s not that big of a deal though. The device itself is small, sleek, and doesn’t attract attention while using a touch-sensitive button which cycles through several options, the display shows each option with icons.

    A. Pokemon Capture – shown in the form of a Pokeball

    B. Pokestop Spinning – shown in the form of Pokestop

    C. Pokemon Found – shown with a question in the box

    Each of these options have a box below it with an X option to turn it on or off. It also has an option in the cycle to turn on/off the vibration, which is good for while you’re in church. Having used Go-tcha for about a week now, I can affirm that this definitely comes in handy.

    3. Battery Life and Charging– I played religiously for the last week and level up from 26 to 28 with the following results at the end of the week. I fully charged my product after I bought it, this took approximately 1 hour and lasted for approximately 12 hours under continuous use but during the week the standby time you can get from the device is approximately 48 hours. The got’cha comes with a unique charger, so if it ever gets damaged, it won’t be an easy task to finds its replacement but definitely not impossible if you do your research.

    4. Connectivity– Go-Tcha shows up connected to Pokemon GO on a smartphone as if it were a real-deal Pokemon GO Plus device. As far as the game knows, the Go-Tcha is a Pokemon GO Plus device made by Niantic.

    It had a 92% successful connection rate and it lasts a great deal longer than expected, even solving the Go plus connectivity issue.

    The Cons of The Product

    1. The bracelet itself could be available in more colors-The bracelet itself, while sleek and easy to wear can stand to have more variety. I would suggest making it available in each of the Pokémon Go team colors (red, blue and yellow) as well as solid black and all while.

    2. Every time it charges or needs to be charged you have to reset your auto catch and spin settings– I’ve found that when my device needs to be charged or has just been charged I have to reset my preferences which is annoying cause sometimes I’ll forget and it doesn’t auto spin.

    3. It Doesn’t Auto-Spin While Driving– A lot of people claimed the Got’cha auto spins up to 30 mph and I found this claim totally off base. I have a huge issue with Niantic banning passengers from spinning stops while driving but that’s a post for another time. Point is one of the reasons I purchased this device was thinking I could spin while driving. I found between 15-25 mph it will auto spin but anything else is wishful thinking.

    Would I recommend it to a friend?

    Absolutely I would! It helps you enjoy the world around you while being “the very best!”

    Love you. Mean it.



    Apple Watch Series 4 Review

    Originally this was supposed to be a video review, which I was eagerly excited to do, however my guest reviewer was unable to purchase his watch on time for this post so I had to forgo my original plan in favor of this one. However, as followers of this blog I want you to rest a sure that I am a woman of my word-I promised you a review and by golly you are going to get it!

    As a first-time Apple Watch owner, I was waiting for the right time to jump in and splurge on this product. My Mother had owned the series 1, I had been eyeing what was new with these watches for quite some time, so when my cousin picked up the series 4 late for her birthday I just knew I had to get in on this.

    I planned to do a little more in depth review this evening via video with my friend, Nate Frances. I own the apple watch 44 mm series for, while Nate owns the Nike version of the Apple Watch series 44 mm. I feel like the diversity in this review especially once the video is up, will really help you the reader to decide which one you really want if you are going to take the plunge and get one.

    Nate was experiencing some technical difficulties last night so this will serve as just a basic review and rundown of the series 4 Watch. Please bear in mind this is only my first couple days wearing the Watch so I will be sure to update in a few weeks if I notice any awesome new features or even glitches. Ready to rock and roll? Okay, let’s go!

    Whiskey. Apple Watches. Got your attention? Great. The two total different products have a lot in common. No, not a rich gold color or notes of sherry. They’re both better with age and I’m glad to have struck while the iron was hot.

    The Series 4 comes in 40 and 44 mm displays, which is a bigger display then their prior 4 generations, compared to my Mom’s series one bad boy it makes it easier for the user to see the smaller complications around the time. Prior to series 4, whenever I’d try on an Apple Watch I felt like I was wearing my old Life-Sized Barbie’s (ah 90’s nostalgia) sport watch. Not any more, over the past few years, I’ve said the Watch is a good but I would be holding out until various aspects were addressed, that time is now.

    The Series 4 feels a lot like a Cheese It commercial where they check their cheddar for maturation. There are significant upgrades to the screen, the battery, the cellular connectivity and more. What I am excited about though is its new potentially lifesaving EKG and fall-detection features, which is great for people like me where heart disease runs in my family to keep an eye on my heart rate and also for older relatives to notify you and call emergency services in the event of a fall..

    The Series 4 is, well, pricey. No sense in beating around the bush and it will cost you $399 for the Wi-Fi/GPS model and $499 for cellular—there were no discount deals for Black Friday but if you get a new watch WITH a new phone you can save upwards to $100 off the watch at purchase. This review is simply my experience, I encourage you to visit your local service provider’s corporate store and find the smart watch that’s right for you BUT if you’re gonna go big, go Apple.

    Naturally, I found some areas that could use improvement but the Series 4 was better than previous generations’ which my friends and relatives let me look at/play with through the years. Here’s the D.L.:

    It’s a wristwatch

    A lot of reviewers don’t love the squircle shape of the Apple Watch, but I think that makes it unique. After all, do you really want something round that’s a quarter of the iPhone XS or XS Max’s size just chillin on your wrist? No, probably not BUT the expansion of the Series 4’s screen by over 30% and the slight slimming of its potbellied underside make the Series 4 more comfortable and attractive than my Mother’s series 1.

    Now that I have my Watch, I plan on trying to convince my Dad to get Mom the newer series for Christmas. Why? Because going from the smaller screen she has, to the bigger screen I have is like her putting on a pair of reading glasses. If you have a previous generation, you no longer need Polly Pocket hands to tap the complications—those widgets on the watch face that show weather, activity and infograph.

    One of my only qualms with the Apple Watch is that it lacks the ability to always display the time on screen, I have to flick my wrist or turn the Digital Crown which is small potatoes in retrospect and also probably set up to make the most of the battery.

    A lifesaver

    If you’re interested in the Series 4’s Food and Drug Administration-cleared electrocardiogram feature for advanced heart-rate monitoring, you’ll be pleased at the readings you’ll get and can even set alerts for your watch to tell you when your heartbeat is too fast or slow.

    I did not test the other major health addition, however, as much of a real life klutz that I am I wasn’t going to fall on purpose for the sake of this review. A clear competitor to Life Alert, the Series 4 detects falls using a new accelerometer and gyroscope. During setup, if you enter your birthday and are 65 or over, the feature automatically turns on. If not, you can turn it on manually in the Apple Watch’s iPhone app, under Emergency Services.

    If this sort of thing intrigues you however there are plenty of reviews around the Internet that test this feature, one such review which I read the blogger actually hired a stunt man to fall and claims that the Watch detected every single one.

    A personal trainer and Nextel walkie talkie in one.

    If you purchased this watch be prepared for it to push you in ways that you’ve never been pushed before. I have never been much of a hard-core gym rat, I hate working out. I do love me a nice walk though, on a nice day I could easily get in 5 to 6 miles and this watch does a fantastic job of tracking my steps! It also remind me how many steps I need to reach my goal for the day. Being able to share your Activity data with chosen relatives and friends is also a motivator in making sure that you are reaching your goals. You can initiate friendly competitions between friends in different workout categories such as: walking, running, swimming, elliptical, hiking, and many more! I feel like this is the part of the review which I don’t have enough experience in working out to really give you an accurate and thorough representation of what this watch can do.

    If you were a 90s kid and loved those Nextel walkie-talkies you will love the walkie-talkie feature which you could chat with your friends once they accept your request. I went back and forth with this feature for a good 30 minutes with two of my friends and it didn’t get old at all. The only requirement is that you have the FaceTime app on your iPhone and the walkie-talkie works great.

    If you got the GPS + Cellular version, prior to updating my software to Watch iOS 5.1.1, the calls I made on the Watch were dropped twice and several times I couldn’t be heard by either of my friends. I have not made any calls since updating my software so this issue could very well be addressed and therefore I will wait until I do a more comprehensive review in a month.

    The Watch can go up to 1½ days—when it relies on Wi-Fi or my iPhone for connectivity. The battery still doesn’t last long enough to sleep with the Watch, which is probably why Apple hasn’t introduced sleep tracking yet.

    A smartphone mediator

    It’s not smart to buy the Watch as a mini smartphone, I never did. Most of the time, our phones are in arm’s reach and can do more then our watches any way.

    There are two exceptions. First, if you have Apple Pay. Two taps on the side button beats pulling out an iPhone. Second, the Watch has become surprisingly useful to me in my quest to limit my phone usage. Without the temptation to tap Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, I can still get messages and see the time. While there aren’t iWatch apps for such social media giants, you DO get notifications regarding these apps on the watch BUT you’ll need your actual phone to see what was posted or sent. I will say that my phone activity was down 30% from yesterday on my phone which allowed me to stay connected but not TOO connected that I missed out a day of shopping with my husband and family. I will say Apple needs prioritize notifications, though.

    Whiskey is best aged and Apple Watches are exactly the same. Whether you’re upgrading from an older Apple Watch or have been waiting to buy one, do yourself a favor and get the 4!

    Love you. Mean it.