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How My Carolina Panthers Can Salvage Their Season

With only four games left in the regular season many Panthers fans are wondering if Santa will come early and save our season. When I think of this season I’m reminded of Key and Peele skit (You can check the skit itself out here) where Andre is chasing after his girlfriend saying “Meegan your jacket!!” Only instead of a jacket it’s me shouting out to my beloved team “Panthers your season!!!” and while for the last four games there seemed to be a resounding “No” on whether or not we’d pull out a win the chance of making the playoffs are not exactly out of the question, not yet. The Panthers can still manage to sneak into the playoffs if they work on the following things that are holding them back, of course.

The biggest issue with the Panthers is the turnover differential in losses is -10, while the turnover differential in wins is +11. What this all boils down to is the Panthers are needing to have better ball security on offense and needing to be more aggressive on defense to create more turnovers. On offense there is plenty of big play potential with the talented likes of Christian McCaffrey , Curtis Samuel, and DJ Moore, but they can’t force the ball in there especially when the play isn’t there. The room for improvement on the offensive line is evident in the need to give Cam more time to be able to survey and look for the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th options. The Panthers don’t seem to have a problem moving the ball down the field, but once in the red zone the last few weeks they have either turned the ball over or had to settle for field goals, some of which were misses. If the Panthers want to win games they need to get the ball in the end zone whenever they enter the red zone.

On the other side of the ball the defense needs to again be more aggressive. Being able to blitz more, get more quarterback pressures, sacks, and cause general disruptions to make opposing quarterbacks make bad decisions is absolutely key in the long term success of this team. As far as coverages go, Bradberry playing man coverage with Reid on deep help is effective, as evidenced in holding the Buccaneers star wide-receiver Mike Evans to only having 6 catches for 54 yards in 2 games. Donte “Action” Jackson being present on the other side gives the Panthers the speed and play making ability to make up for any missteps in man coverage.

Recently in Panther nation there has been a wide range of calling for Coach Rivera’s job, the removal of defensive line coach Brady Hoke and cornerbacks coach Jeff Imamura are proof that Ron is trying to ruthlessly right ship. Brian Urlacher has recently gone on record saying that Ron is a very aggressive play caller on defense and I am inclined to agree so this seems to be the step in the right direction.

The Panthers are in a must win situation this Sunday as they take on the Cleveland Browns if they went to keep their playoff chances alive. The next three games afterwards will be no cakewalk as they take on the dominating Saints and demoralized Falcons who will no doubt jump at the shot to play spoiler to the Panthers post season hopes. The Panthers need to tighten up and take the reigns of their own destiny. Veteran players such as Julius Peppers, Thomas Davis, Mike Adams and Captain Munnerlyn aren’t getting any younger and with Greg Olsen now gone for the rest of the season after re-injuring his foot it’s time we get our act together to give this guys a proper send off into retirement (when they decide the time is right).

Whether or not the Panthers have what it takes to make the postseason , we’ll just have to stay tuned and see but I am desperately trying to remain the eternal optimistic.

Keep Pounding.

Love you. Mean it.



Everything Wrong With Trying To “Upgrade/ Trade-In” Our Friendships and Relationships

Featuring Guest Contributor Nino Brown aka. No Comparison

Today’s society is a hot mess. I’m going to go out on a limb and say we live in a world where we want the newest, the greatest, and best of the best. We live in a world where we don’t go anywhere without our cellphones and yet we’re happy to trade them in for the newest model every 4 to 5 years (or every year for the hardcore tech buffs). This is all well and good, but where do we draw the line? When we start treating friendships and relationships like dated technology, are we guilty of trying to trade in what we got for the illusion of something better?

The saying goes “You can’t pick your family, but you can pick your friends.” Whether it’s childhood, adulthood, casuals, best friends or “bros”, we all have people in our lives who we can choose to associate ourselves with. There are also times where we are chosen by others. When it comes to the topic of Friendship I’m reminded of Bill Withers’ ‘Lean On Me’ and Dionne Warwick’s ‘That’s What Friends Are For’. If you haven’t heard these songs, I highly recommend giving them a listen. These two songs perfectly describe how great true friendships can be. Friendships are supposed to be for better or for worse. Treating others how you’d like to be treated. In this Twitter-ran society however, the concept of Friends seems to be reduced to a simple click of a button. Verbal insults, and physical abuse aren’t as emotionally damaging as being Unfriended on Facebook. Being blocked by a longtime friend has the emotional value of losing a loved one in a tragic accident. When did this become the norm, that the value of friendships have been reduced to a mere status update?

Aristotle once described the relationship between friends as one soul dwelling in two bodies. He wrote often about the idea and the emphasis of true friendship as a true “meaningful” living.

Aristotle’s view on friendship is a far cry from what is depicted in the movie “The Social Network”. For those of you haven’t seen this movie, it’s about the founding of the Internet social networking giant called Facebook. With a tag line that reads, “You don’t get to 500 million friends without making a few enemies,” you have to wonder what the definition of “friends” is in this kind of social networking context. The relationships shown in the film, especially that between founder Mark Zuckerberg and his network of friends, definitely do not meet the standard of one soul in two bodies described by Aristotle that’s for sure.

Society spends so much time chatting/catching up with their social media “friends” that they do not put much effort in their real-life friends. What makes our friendships truly beautiful is real human contact, this is now being replaced by shallow friendships, that is, social connections rather than the kind of true friendships described and espoused by Aristotle. In our post-technologically obsessed society, there’s plenty of evidence that points to people having plenty of acquaintances, and very few individuals to whom they can turn to in sharing their authentic selves, and deeper intimacies with.

Friendships are not made to be perfect, they are made to whether storms. Nowadays, many people are so quick to throw away the very few individuals that they can turn to in order to share their authentic selves and deeper intimacies with the moment that person does not agree with something they say or believe in. Friendships are torn apart by political beliefs, relationships, families, and even by simple differences in opinion. The idea in society that we can find “more friends” if someone doesn’t fit into our square peg idea of what friendship should be is exactly why so many friendships fail in today’s world.

Aristotle‘s most famous work, Ethics, describes the desire to have friendship as instantaneous whereas the actually friendship itself takes time to develop. We share so much of ourselves on social media without even thinking, without even wondering if these people are worth expressing ourselves to, that we lose the opportunity to truly develop authentic friendships. While social media may gain someone new instant “friends”, they are not capable of providing society with genuine friendship which takes years of sharing your authentic self- close thoughts, intimate feelings, vulnerabilities and even fears to produce.

We are living in a world that is incredibly connected and yet intimately we are completely alone. Many Millennials have drifted away completely from true friendships and that profound sense of “community” and are simply existing in very reclusive lives. This reclusiveness spills into their romantic relationships where the need to resurrect the meaning and value of authentic relationships with others is absolutely dire.

Most of us can recall our first date with our significant other. The trivial things like how we met, where we went, and how the night itself went are obvious staples in any great memory, but there are some of us which even recall what our significant other and even ourselves wore that night. These things make for great stories to share the next generation whether they be children/grandchildren or nieces and nephews. One thing we never forget when we tell these stories is how our significant other made us feel. I remember asking my Grammy these things about my Poppy and watching her eyes light up as she recalled how he made her feel. As Nino and I share our stories of how we met and fell in love with our spouses, I invite you to read through them and share your own stories in the comments below:

Nino & Rebecca

The story of how I met my wife is a little funny. I had just gotten out of a pretty toxic relationship. I say it was toxic because by the end of it, I had lost hope in the concept of true love. I dated here and there but no one really changed my mind. I was doing my daily browsing on a dating site called Plenty Of Fish. Mind you, this was before the word ‘Catfish’ was becoming more than just a fish. I came across a rather interesting profile featuring a picture of a woman with the most amazing set of eyes I’d ever seen. Not long after reading her profile, I noticed that she and I had many of the same interests: Love of Tarantino movies, Golden Girls, quiet evenings at home, and a wide range of music just to name a few. We messaged each other back and forth, exchanged numbers, then finally met in person. She turned out to be exactly what was in her profile and more. Neither of us had our own place at the time, so many of our “dates” took place in a car. During this time, we shared our pasts, our fears, our secrets, and often even a pint of Häagen-Dazs Vanilla Almond Swiss. Sure, we each have our flaws and insecurities but that makes us who we are. We love each other and all of our flaws. Up to the time we met each others families, I was convinced that she wasn’t an actual person…just a part of my imagination. Maybe I watched ‘Fight Club’ too many times, but we are so much alike and we truly completed each other. As our relationship progressed, we moved in together, and didn’t miss a beat. The relationship actually grew stronger by the day.

Like every relationship, ours too had bumps in the road brought about by a third party. My Ex, (who is also the mother to my two oldest children) often tried to ruin our relationship any change she got. What she didn’t seem to realize is that no amount of lies can stop true love. This experience brought us closer together. No matter what I know that she has my back and she knows that I have hers. We are a team. We are each other’s biggest fan. Soon after moving in together, we were married. During this time we grew and flourished as a couple sharing each other’s great times, not so great times and my last name. Just when we thought we couldn’t be any happier though, along came a baby boy, our son who’s the perfect blend of she and I. Eight years doesn’t seem like a long time when you’re having the time of your life with your soulmate. Our families get along great with each other, so there isn’t any dread when we speak of In-Laws but at the end of the day I can honestly say that Rebecca is the key to my happiness. I’m not sure where I would be without her in my life and I never want to find out.

Brittany & Thomas

My husband asked me out for two years before I gave him a chance. I met him through the long time friendship of my brother-in-law Mike and my cousin Ashley. We often would watch a hockey or football game together and bonded over our love of both sports and similar tastes in movies. It wasn’t long before Tom would ask to speak with me, if my cousin were to call his brother and he’d known I was there visiting. He’d often intercept the call and end every conversation with, “you know I’m going to marry you one day right?” And I would always laugh and reply, “whatever helps you sleep at night”. He was a year younger than me and I “only dated older guys” so I always rebuffed him but Tom never gave up. He’d always say, “you’ll see, one date and you’ll want to marry me too!”. This went on for years, and while I knew Tom had feelings for me and I definitely thought he was cute I was adamant in assuming because he was a year younger he wasn’t on my level of maturity.

Finally, after being fed up with my on again/ off again ‘friend’ that was never my boyfriend to begin with I agreed to one date with Tom. The weeks leading up to the date, however, a former friend of mine admitted to having feelings for Tom. People often get shocked when I tell them the date that was two years in the making almost didn’t happen because I wasn’t sure I could go through with it in good conscience knowing my friend liked him. I did promise her, though, that I’d find out what he thought of her and so as the weeks went on I got to know Tom on a deeper level then just my friend who I hang out with when my cousin wants to see her best friend.

I saw in Tom someone who shared similar values and morals as me. Also a love for family, dogs, music, and the Catholic faith. I began to develop much stronger and deeper feelings for Tom, feelings I wasn’t quite ready to admit to myself. When I confessed to him my friend’s feelings for him he explained to me that only one woman was for him: me and I was amazed. We ended up sharing our first kiss watching ‘ Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy’ and it was after the end of that movie he asked me to be his girl. I made him wait two days before I agreed, after making my friend aware that he and I had feelings only for each other.

The date itself, one I was almost loathe to keep, ended up being the single most defining moment in my life. The butterflies I felt, the smile on my face, the way conversation was so easy and natural I knew I was irreversibly in love with Tom. Two weeks later, in the basement of an old friend while shooting pool, he told me “I love you” and I said it back to him. The rest was history.

Tom and I were not without our flaws, a breakdown of communication led to a temporary split during which time I dated one other person for a short three months. It was during that time, I realized there was only one man for me. After a deep and honest discussion, which prompted me to dump the rebound guy I was with, we reunited and were engaged a year later. There was no one else for Tom during that time or since, and I then knew without a shadow of a doubt there was no one else for me too. Just like when we first began our journey, he knew before I did that it would begin and end with each other.

Five years later our families gathered together, happily, to watch us “finally get it done and be married”. We’ve long since felt a part of each other’s families but it was amazing to make it official. After the wedding was over, we when the real work began. During this time, we’ve had to grow and adjust to unexpected events like when I finally let go of my dream to teach and when he switched from day shift to night. We had to adapt and be resourceful when things in our house would brake and money was tight. We have confronted our own personal demons and came out on top together because we view ourselves as one unit, one team. Just like there is no I in team, there is also no one in this world that we would rather laugh with, cry with, grow with, share our dreams with and pray with. We renew the commitment of unconditional love and loyalty to each other every day and do so gratefully. Being together for 10 years and 8 months is work. Lots of hard work, compromising, laughing, crying, apologizing and just living. Tom’s thoughts on relationships are simple: he doesn’t judge others relationships simply because he or I can’t define anyone’s relationship except our own. Only the people in the relationship have that authority. That said, my husband Tom and I took the time to define our own. When I told him I would be writing this article we sat down and spoke candidly about our relationship, about how (after nearly 3 years married and 11 together)we would describe our relationship. The best way that Tom and I can describe this together is like this: Have you ever looked into someone’s eyes and saw absolutely no flaws at all? You feel that no matter what, (and I truly mean No Matter What,) nothing they ever do will ever make you love them any less or not at all?

Being a couple of deep faith we agree that true love makes you feel as though your significant other is the guardian angel the Lord assigns to you here on earth to walk with you in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health. Someone who truly makes you want to be a better person, someone who loves you like God loves you, unconditionally. Relationships should exist because two people cannot imagine life without each other, not because of limitations, conditions or even because they tell you to be a better person. You strive to be a better person because you simply, in your own mind, want feel like you’re good enough for them. You also know that one day (it’s inevitable) you’ll experience true loss, which can only happen when you love someone more than you love yourself. Most people don’t seem to ever dare to love anyone that much. Like I said earlier, Tom and I don’t judge other relationships that’s just how we feel about our own relationship.

It’s not about always being right, it is not about it always being easy but I can promise you, if you dare to love someone more than your own self and commit to them without boundaries it’s always worth it. Being able to go to sleep and wake up next to our best friend and soulmate…

It’s ALWAYS worth it…

Our parents, grandparents, older aunts and uncles didn’t stay together because every moment was good, they stayed together because they remembered these good times, these joyful feelings when things got tough. As things did get tough, they leaned on each other for guidance and support. Could you imagine our parents or grandparents “trading up” for another spouse? If they did, more than likely none of us would be here. Bottom line is that loyalty was more concrete in those days. Isn’t ironic that technology wasn’t as advanced as it is today and yet people were way more satisfied with what they had rather than what they had not?

In today’s society, people feel like there’s so many options if their current relationship doesn’t work out they can just “trade up” instead of trying against all odds to work things out. See, this is a problem when people are already putting an expiration date on a relationship that they’re in when they think of the possibilities outside of it not working out. An ordinary person can set their perfectly healthy relationship up for failure when they put this mentality even in the back of their minds. As time goes on, and people become more comfortable, accustomed to, and even bored of their friendships and relationships they tend to take advantage of people sometimes without even realizing it.

The illusion of “having options” destroys more and more relationships each and every day. One thing that is important to mention was how back when our parents and grandparents were dating and married there was no social media to sabotage what they had. There were no old flames to message the older generations on Facebook. There was no feelings of boredom with one person which caused them to seek out likes and DMs on Instagram. As much as I loathe to admit it, the millennial mentality when it comes to relationships is: If this relationship isn’t serving me or my needs 24/7 then I’m onto the next. What this generation fails to realize is that with any relationship it’s about give AND take. For those of us who are Christians we are called by Christ to GIVE more than we take. In a society which thinks, “what have you done for me lately?” Having the illusion of an option is disastrous.

Sure, it’s easy to swipe left or right on dating apps such as Tinder or Match, that person only sees what it is you portray to the outside world. They haven’t seen you at your absolute worst and there’s no guarantee they’ll love you when you’re far from lovable. None of us are perfect, we’re all flawed in different ways, finding someone you connect with is so rare in this world that throwing a sure thing away should be the last thing we ever want to do.

Unfortunately, the real world doesn’t have filters. Marilyn Monroe was definitely onto something when she said “If you can’t handle me at my worst, you don’t deserve me at my best”. If anyone is lucky enough to have met someone who loves you even at your absolute worst should hold onto them. Sure, the grass may seem a little greener on the other side. Take a moment to look a little closer and you’ll see that’s all that there is…grass. No home. No picket fence. No future.

One thing we must always remember as a society when thinking about testing the waters with someone else is to imagine your first fight with that person, your first family emergency, your first health crisis. The first time they see you sick or finances get tight. Most of us look at other people through rose gold colored filters, that we forget how wealthy we already are. One look at a celebrity Instagram account can make it easy to take things for granted. That’s the world we live in, but we must take ownership of our self worth as well as the worth of those who think through thick and thin that we’re already worthy enough of their loyalty and  love.

Love you. Mean it.

Brittany & Nino

Xoxo Xoxo

Apple Watch Series 4 Review

Originally this was supposed to be a video review, which I was eagerly excited to do, however my guest reviewer was unable to purchase his watch on time for this post so I had to forgo my original plan in favor of this one. For starters I would like to apologize to my readers for promising something which unfortunately circumstances out of my control prevented me from delivering on. However, as followers of this blog I want you to rest a sure that I am a woman of my word-I promised you a review and by golly you are going to get it!

Gone to Carolina in My Mind

Hello Fan Friends,

So I didn’t really post anything Friday because I had just completed a 10 hour drive from NJ to the suburbs of Charlotte, NC. My Godson made his Confirmation and I was chosen to be his sponsor so the husband and I drove 615 miles both ways to be there for that event (I’m actually writing this AS I drive home). The town was very beautiful, up to date and clean. The people were kind and courteous, stopping to talk to you in stores without any other reason other then because they wanted to.

The confirmation was a beautiful event, seeing my Godson be sealed the Holy Spirit was both really awesome and emotional. I felt like my journey with him from baptism to confirmation came full circle but I also feel like my job won’t ever be done inspiring him to grow in the faith. I love that my Godson and I have always shared such a close bond though the years, being away from him and his family (my cousins) since they moved have been tough. Tom and I learned from this trip that we’re not totally object to making the move down there. It’s kind of upsetting when we compare their way of life to ours, and we realize just how much we’re getting robbed blind in the state of NJ. Fiscally and geographically it makes so much sense. Carolina residents get ALL the seasons and enjoy much shorter winters, unlike in New Jersey were you can go from 85 to 55 degrees in a matter of one week and basically just get summer and winter as far as seasons go.

We do have things holding us back, namely family and our church community which is fabulous. In the future, I’m definitely going to research the possibility of relocating because these things aside, I could totally see Tom and I adapting to southern life.

After the Confirmation, we ate some southern BBQ, and also visited the Queen City, Charlotte. The city is breathtaking, fun, and cultured you’re able to drive in it with relative ease too (nothing like New York or Atlantic City). My favorite part of Charlotte though was visiting the Carolina Panthers’ team store and taking pictures with the statues in front of Bank of America Stadium (the BoA). I got emotional being able to visit the home of my beloved team having been a die hard fan of them since their inaugural season in 1995 (I was 6 years old at the time). The only thing I was sad that I missed out on was the $6 tour they give during the week of the whole stadium and it’ll definitely be something I do next time I’m down.

We’ve still got a long drive ahead of us but I wanted to check in while I had some down time on the road. I hope you all enjoy a couple more of my pictures from BoA and have a great Thanksgiving week. I’ll see you next Friday where my special guest Nate Francis and I will be LIVE on the ‘Are You There Friday? It’s Me Brittany’ ‘s Facebook page to review the Apple series 4 watch. If you can’t make it then you can check out the video I post on here afterwards reviewing it.

Wishing you and your families a happy and healthy Thanksgiving!

Love you. Mean it.



A Killer Answer on How To Beat The Labyrinth Two-Door Riddle

Because that’s the way it’s done…

I’m really surprised how many 90’s kids and later haven’t seen the 1986 cult classic ‘The Labyrinth’. It’s a classic coming of age tale with blatant sexual undertones that I noticed even at 10 years old (the first time I saw it at a friend’s house). Now, when scrambling on what to write about this week I figured, why not write about one of Labyrinth’s most notorious puzzles? I’m talking of course about the two door riddle!

For those of you who fall into the category of ‘never seen it’ with the movie ‘The Labyrinth’, you’re in luck. The movie follows our protagonist, Sarah, as she encounters the two doors while attempting to rescue her baby brother from the clutches of Jareth, the incredibly gorgeous, crystal-ball-juggling Goblin King. Jareth at best it is a hopeless romantic and at worst a sore loser. He was portrayed rather iconically by the late David Bowie. As a sidenote I think it’s fair to mention while I’ve never actually had a crush on David Bowie, I definitely do in this movie. I digress. In ‘The Labyrinth’ Sarah was given 13 hours to retrieve the her brother before he became “one of us. Forever.” This sounds Sarah trekking a quest through Jareth’s perplexing brick maze where anything is possible and nothing is what it seems.

The labyrinth is changes like seasons and inhabited by a band of creatures so wonderful that only Jim Henson (and Brian Froud) could dream them up. Among the cast are The Four Guards – a pair of two-headed, coat-of-arms bodied puzzle enthusiasts who present Sarah with a stumper, which she must solve in order to move to the next section of the maze.

There are two major rules with this being that there are two doors. One leads to the castle, and the other, to certain death. You may only ask ONE question – to one guard – to help you decipher which door is the correct one. No, you cannot ask for more questions. While this task sounds like a ‘piece of cake’ (more on that later), there’s always catch, this one is: one guard always lies, and one always tells the truth.

Now in order to accurately solve this puzzle, you would have to ask one guard (it doesn’t matter which one) which door the other guard would say leads castle. Now naturally BOTH guards will indicate the same door, which will be the door that doesn’t lead out. For purposes of this explanation , we’ll call the doors: A (the safe door), and B (death’s door). Let’s discuss:

Probability one: The guard you ask is the one who lies.

  • If the guard you asked is the one who lies, then he will try to throw you off the scent by telling you (falsely) that the other guard – the truthful guard – will point you towards door B. This makes door A the safe bet.

Probability two: The guard you asked is the one who tells the truth.

• If the guard you ask is the one who tells the truth, he will tell you (honestly) that the other guard – the lying guard – will point you towards door B. This makes door A still the safest bet.

In both cases, the outcome is pretty straightforward .In order to survive this task, you must walk through the opposite door you’ve been told.

Which is exactly what Sarah does in the film, but as many of my fellow Labyrinth fanatics probably remember, her success is short-lived. Upon crossing the threshold of the door she chooses, she falls through a hole in the floor, which sends her cascading into the clutches of the Helping Hands. I remember as a child, I chalked this up to her choosing wrong but as an adult I see she did in fact choose right. It’s an illusion, however, because Sarah made the unfortunate mistake of breaking Labyrinth law, not failing in logic.

The key to this plot twist lies in the script. Just before the trap door opens, Sarah says, “It’s a piece of cake.” The seemingly innocent sentence is the equivalent to dropping the F bomb in church within the Labyrinth world. I’ve counted and it is said three times throughout the film (and countless others in the novel), and each time she says it, something goes horribly wrong. Sarah even says it again when Jareth asks her how she’s enjoying his Labyrinth. “It’s a piece of cake,” she says, prompting him to speed up the clock and send in the cleaners, the final time it’s said is when Hoggle says it as the group of friends finally make it to Goblin City. It is only then after moments of eerie silence that Hoggle utters these words and boom a squad of goblin soldiers roll deep on our heroes. The moral of that story, at least in this part of the movie, is not to use the words ‘piece of cake’ in a place like the labyrinth which is ruled by a dangerously alluring King who can keep tabs on you via magical crystal balls.

Since we’ve proven the connection between the words ‘piece of cake’ and the events which follow them, this leaves the rules of our puzzle – and the validity of the solution – totally intact. You see, while Sarah ignored the guards’ advice, (not to mention making a downward detour into the oubliette) she certainly didn’t die. Now how about that little slice? Let’s just hope if you were to get this fortune cookie the alternative wouldn’t be as deadly.

Love you. Mean it.



Goals and Such

Hello Fan Friends!

As many of you may know I am very obsessed with keeping each post fresh, relevant and relatable. Like I said in my first post, I want you to think of me as a friend you sit down and have coffee with on Friday nights. As such I want to share with you the fact that I’ve gotten a spike in my views lately and seeing some old friends come out of the woodwork to comment on my posts current and past is an amazing thing!

Starting this fall I will be launching a Facebook page for ‘Are You There Friday? It’s Me Brittany’ and I encourage you to like it and share my posts on Facebook, Pinterest and wherever else you feel a particular article needs to be heard. As the Beatles once said, I get by with a little help from my friends and that means all of you!

This week, I decided to do an update because I am also working on getting my first novel published and this week I am determined to get three chapters written because in my quest to build a perfect blog I have neglected another dream of mine to be a published author. However, this blog will ALWAYS be important and updated. Here’s the direction I hope to go into in the next few months:

🌀Life Hacks

🌀Low Carb/Keto Friendly Recipes

🌀In My Makeup Bag (makeup reviews)

🌀Wine Reviews

🌀Carolina Panthers Game Recaps

🌀More Frequent Posts! (I’ll work out a schedule come fall)

🌀A podcast ‘Are You There Friday? It’s Me Brittany’

🌀And so much more!

Stay tuned, stay well, see you on Friday!

Love you. Mean it.

  • Brittany
  • Xoxo
  • In Low Carb Defense…

    An Update On My Weight Loss…

    Hello My Fan Friend Lovelies!

    I am officially five pounds under my initial goal weight, which given where I was seven months ago is absolutely amazing and empowering. I have been not only looking better but feeling better. Nothing beats having the energy to do the things I enjoy most after work, like walking four to five miles daily, doing tarot readings, and going out more with friends and family.

    Being more active while watching my carb and sugar intake has put ME in charge of my life. So you can imagine my surprise when a friend of mine confronted me about my weight loss and checking to make sure I didn’t have an eating disorder. At first, I was taken aback, then a little insulted and finally I understood this fear my friend had was based off of her own personal experience with someone close to her. I called this friend and assured her that I definitely eat, in fact, I eat and snack often throughout the day I just limit it to things high in fat and protein while low in carbs. I explained to my concerned friend with compassion and understanding that I was fine and not in any danger but I also couldn’t help but wonder: why is it STILL assumed that people who follow low carb automatically starve themselves?

    I scoured several online forums to get to the bottom of why this was the case and found the common denominator was that people were convinced that by restricting carbs we low-carb people were depriving our body of essential nutrients and therefore unhealthy. This way of thinking is simply not true because not all carbohydrates are created equal. A lot of the posts on these forums feature many people that still believe that fat clogs arteries, and so these “diets” such as Atkins and South Beach creates controversy. In truth, fat is actually essential for body function , and carbohydrates are not.

    Especially in cases where you may suffer from type 2 diabetes restricting carbohydrates in a diet has a direct result in lowering your sugar levels and insulin needs. High sugar levels play a role in type 2 diabetes as well as other chronic diseases such as dementia, cardiovascular disease and even in some cases cancer.

    By lowering carbohydrate intake, blood sugars are controlled and insulin levels are minimized. This is incredibly beneficial for those with diabetes (type one or two) and even those with insulin resistance.

    High carbohydrates and sugar also trigger cravings for MORE carbohydrates and sugar. They leave you feeling tired, still hungry, and bloated. When we eat too many carbohydrates that don’t get burned for fuel they get stored stored as fat and not converted for energy and can add on extra weight which isn’t healthy.

    Everybody’s body processes carbohydrates differently, no one person’s body is created equal and some bodies DO require more carbohydrates and sugar then others so always consult your primary care doctor before starting a new lifestyle change. For me, the low carb “diet” isn’t a diet. It’s a lifestyle change and a commitment to be healthy and maintain my weight for myself. After all, my loved ones, family and friends, deserve me at my best and healthiest. I plan on being around to see my great nieces and nephews and in order to ensure that I’ve got to take care of me today so that the me of tomorrow can benefit from that.

    I’d be lying if I said there weren’t days I marveled at how people my age can eat a McDonald’s large fry and vanilla shake and still maintain a figure but those days for me (sadly) are over. I don’t condemn people for eating how they’d like to, I don’t play doctor to them either or presume to know what is going on and how many calories they need to be healthy. Those of you who follow this blog religiously know my recipes are always quick, low carb, healthy and YES I do eat everything I make.

    For me, criticizing someone for NOT “weighing enough” is just as bad as criticizing someone for being overweight. How someone looks is entirely up to them NOT society. As long as they’re healthy and happy with the person they’re seeing staring back at them in the mirror that’s all that matters.

    Finding myself again through the low carb lifestyle has been exciting and inventive. I have found many low carb alternatives to my favorite foods such as pizza, several Mexican dishes, ice cream, nachos and many other fan favorites. As I prefect these recipes I will share them on here with you. For now I’m just basking in the glow of being 45 pounds down from where I began seven months ago.

    Love you. Mean it.