What makes you UNIQUE makes you magical!

We all live life with the hope that somehow; somewhere we’re making a difference. Sometimes in life we struggle; we wonder what our greater purpose in this grand scheme called life truly is. We look to others like they have all the answers when truthfully we’re all just crawling around this earthly plane like toddlers-exploring, learning, and growing from our experiences. Life is filled with blessings and lessons. In fact, I believe strongly that The Verve accurately described life as “a bittersweet symphony” that is often understated in the peak and pitfalls which make up the human experience.

I hope that all of you-when you’re feeling lost or low- can remember what makes you different is also your greatest asset in what you bring to the table of life. Your super power in this world is that there is nobody quite like you. We all have a mission here on this earthly plane, each one of us serves a divine purpose. Being your own brand of different is being your own brand of beautiful. It is an inner magic, that you alone possess, and that magic is limitless. Stay magical my beautiful souls; if you’re struggling take each day one moment at a time and if even that’s too much take it one millisecond at a time. You are have a right to be loved as you are. You are valued, needed, and have a higher purpose to be here. Perfectionism is a myth; we all are here to learn, grow, and become the best versions of ourselves. BE KIND & SHOW YOURSELF SOME DAMN GRACE. Absofuckinlutely 😘

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