Exhaustion: A Short Artful Story

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Today’s post is going to be a little different. Today I am going to be sharing with you my artwork and also a short little story that goes with it. The goal of this post is to shed light on some thing millions of Americans suffer with: anxiety and depression. I’m hoping that the short story reaches somebody who can relate to it and gives them hope to keep holding on. Even if it’s for an hour even if it’s for another minute, just keep holding on… Without further ado here is my short artful story: Exhaustion

She was pale with exhaustion. Depleted, debilitated, and deeply fatigued. She took her coat off and stood in the rain. It drenched her from head to toe but she felt nothing. Numb. Her soul was as saturated in stress as her body was in the moisture which condensed from the atmosphere. The rain fell slowly, meticulously with acute visibly in separate drops. She could probably count every drop if she wanted to but she couldn’t find the energy to do so as she lumbered through the door with great sense of heaviness her petite frame.

She collapsed in her doorway, with nothing to say. Eyes blank, face drained of color and expression, the only thing that told her she was alive the rapid thumping of her heart and the slow churning of her stomach. Her coat, dark as a raven’s wing, lay tossed beside her-much like her dreams for a fulfilling career. Her long, crimson hair pooled around her like a curtain of blood to mask her anguish. The vinyl flooring is cool against her feverish skin and she wonders how long she could lay here before someone worries and calls her name…

She is spent and her spirit is weathered but yet she is never alone. She has the love of a family, significant other and friends but it is Christ right now who is beside her who loves her the hardest in this moment: he dwells in her heart and gives her the strength to rise from her spot on the floor.

“I can hang on,” she says, “for one more day, for one more hour, for one more minute…”

She says this repeatedly, it’s a mantra she repeats daily and hourly while somehow getting by and living to fight another day taking each moment minute by minute as the years rolled on…


If you or a loved one is suffering from depression or anxiety please know that you are not alone. Christ wants you on this Earth as much as your loved ones and I do. if you ever need someone to talk to please feel free to call the crisis hotline at: (855) 942-3414. It’s important to shed light on the dark shadows that dwell in many American’s (as well as countless of people around the world’s) minds. Stay safe everyone and God bless.

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