Do you believe in second chances? If so you should listen to Aaron Carter’s new single ‘Pyro’

It Also Helped Save My Serious Case of Writer’s Block

If you were a 90s child like I was growing up you grew up in a golden age of pop and hip hop music. Bands like the Backstreet Boys, *NSYNC, the Spice Girls, TLC and even Destiny’s Child all fought to be top dog in an age of budding promiscuity in both lyrics and videos but still quite tame compared to today’s cringeworthy displays. Enter Aaron Carter, 90’s tween heartthrob and younger brother to Backstreet Boys youngest member Nick Carter. For those of you who don’t remember, Aaron Carter was THE Justin Bieber before THE Justin Bieber was even out of diapers.

Starting at the tender age of six Aaron’s entire childhood was about performing and he did manage to step out of Nick’s shadow with hits such as ‘I Want Candy’, ‘How I Beat Shaq’ and ‘Aaron’s Party (Come Get It)’. The road to success however was paved with a lot of tough lessons, addictions, and at one point biggest name in Pop music found himself bankrupt.

Aaron and his family premiered in a reality TV show called House of Carters, which aired in 2004 it followed the Carter siblings as they tried to navigate life and reconcile their rather dysfunctional upbringing with becoming functioning successful adults. Seeing the Carter siblings, all which were dealing with different forms of self-destructive behavior and addictions, talk about their experiences and how it shaped them really made me feel something akin to profound sadness. In one episode, when a therapist comes and sits with the family we learned that Aaron never had a childhood to play on the playground at recess or go to a prom. Heck, his Father even referred to him as the former “cash cow”.

Now Nick has been no stranger to opening up about how difficult the road to recovery was in battling his demons and Aaron was able to take a page out of Nick’s playbook and be open and honest about his own struggles. When Aaron came out with LøVE the entire album was written and produced by Aaron himself-which is incredible seeing how far the childhood star had fallen. It makes his comeback even more exciting. While 30-year-old Brittany is happily married with a little family of her own (and a far cry from the 8 year old who thought she’d grow up to be a famous actress and marry him.) I still always kept Aaron in my prayers and hoped that one day he would have the love he so desperately searched for. The same love I was blessed with when my husband came into my life 11 years ago. It seems he’s on the right track now. At least professionally, spiritually and emotionally.

I highly recommend jumping on YouTube and giving a listen to his new hit single called Pyro which dropped today. It is a far cry from 90s Aaron Carter but it’s very relevant to today’s clubby/ electronic vibe. Just by listening to the song you can tell just how much blood, sweat, and tears Aaron put into this single and I am so happy and excited for the album itself to drop. As someone who grew up with and followed Aaron throughout his entire career, I’m a sucker for a good come back stories and I hope that Aaron Carter has nothing but success going forward.

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