Happy Father’s Dad!

This picture is brought to by 2001…I’d like to wish all the Fathers, Grandfathers, Stepfathers, and even you Mothers who wear both hats, a very Happy Father’s Day!

There a few things in life more precious then the bond between parents and children. I was very blessed to have grown up with such an amazing set of parents but since it’s Father’s Day I’m only going to discuss one. My Dad, and I’d like to tell you all a little about him (if ya’ll don’t mind).

My Dad is a man of many hobbies: he’s an avid hunter, proud member of a gun club, he’s golfed, scuba dived, built and flew model airplanes and still fishes to this day but if you asked my Dad what his favorite hobby is-it’s spending time with his family and that’s been the most consistent hobby he’s had.

My Dad passed on his work ethic, his morals and values to my brother and I. He taught us the value of working hard and believing in our dreams. He often went without and worked overtime to provide my brother and I with the nicest/newest things and he helped us achieve the very best opportunities in life. My Dad has a wonderful sense of humor, he’s a loyal friend, and would give anyone the shirt off his own back.

As a child, you groan sometimes when people tell you that you look or act just like your parents. I have the same shape eyes as my Dad, his smile, his ears, his forehead and eyebrows not to mention a ton of his mannerisms. I am often told I resemble my Mom the most but my at my deepest nature, I am my Father’s daughter. From his love of football (not the Jets for me, sorry not sorry Dad), hockey (you were successful in making me a die hard Devils fan), to his sense of humor and love for travel and adventure. Mostly my Dad gave us something irreplaceable and invaluable: his time, work ethic, values & unconditional love.

Happy Fathers Day to all of the Fathers, Grandfathers, Stepfathers, Uncles who are Father/Grandfather Figures, Godfathers, and even you wonder women who wear both hats of Mom and Dad. Your role in your kids’ lives is truly irreplaceable, your love is unending, your sacrifices are appreciated, and you make more of a difference then you’ll ever know!

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