The One In Which I Was Expecting A Surprise Party

But I still have no clue when it will be…

I know, I know I didn’t post on Friday but I turned 30 so may I be excused? For my 30th birthday I decided to take a different approach instead of planning something for myself I decided to leave it in the hands of my husband to plan a little birthday celebration for me, the problem with that is that I forgot just how much relinquishing control over something as simple as a plan for someone with anxiety is very tough.

My actual birthday (this past Wednesday) was a pretty good, pretty ordinary day. I went to work, had dinner with my parents and enjoyed the lovely sounds of my brand new record player which my husband surprised me with it that morning.

Now, the Friday leading up to my birthday weekend I spent at the allergist (yet again) the good news is I’m pretty sure I figured out what’s giving me these hives, I am now 99% sure the environment and a particularly bad allergy season is to blame. Apparently as we get older our bodies are subject to change in how they react to the environment and other allergy factors and apparently mine decided it’s a good idea just to break out every time it isn’t feeling too awesome. For my teens and early 20s I got chronic sinus headaches and infections it seems for my 30s it seems I will be breaking out in hives every time my body is uncomfortable with an allergen.

Now after being probed and prodded all day Friday afternoon I looked forward to the weekend because well I didn’t know what was supposed to go on I was totally thrilled with the idea my husband was probably planning something really freaking awesome for me on my birthday. On Saturday, we went out to eat at my favorite Mexican restaurant after church and we even got ice cream for dessert I’m not talking regular ice cream like I usually get on Saturdays, I’m talking a Carvel ice cream cake. I was a little disappointed that I didn’t get to see my friends but I know what my husband has planned for me will be totally awesome.

I would describe turning 30 as being on the very tippy top of a roller coaster because while you hope as you age you could still keep your youth and peace of mind you know it’s probably all downhill from there. All joking aside, though I’m very happy to see 30 and I hope that I have many, many, more years of blessings and lessons in store.

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