Marilyn Manson’s Diary (2018)

So I was going to do a review on my go’tcha bracelet but I wanted to give it a full week so I can give you guys the full rundown on the pros and the cons of getting this bracelet. In the meantime I haven’t posted any of my art in a while so I’m going to treat you guys to this piece which I sketched in my journal and then ran through my favorite app to filter some of my sketches with, which is Prisma.

One of the things I really love about Prisma is it has a unique ability to transform a basic sketch into something really artistic and fabulous without compromising the integrity of the original sketch. Art nowadays is more than just a pencil, charcoal, colored pencils, watercolor, oil and acrylic paints a lot of Art is done on the computer too. One of my favorite apps to sketch in is called MyBrushes. It’s around $3.00 in the App Store and you only have to download it and pay once. I’ve gotten new phones and never had to pay that again when I re-downloaded the app.

Using both my brushes and Prisma can take your art to the next level as far as creativity but for this piece I went back to basics and took a hand drawn piece and ran it through Prisma. The title for this piece called Marilyn Manson’s diary is roughly based off of the fact that I was sketching this skeleton moth while I was listening to Marilyn Manson’s beautiful people (you could even see surrounding the moth I have the lyrics to that song). I really enjoyed this piece because I’m really horrible at keeping journals I’ve tried and still do though. I even got one of those bullet journals from Michael’s but I always have my attention going in 7 different directions and like all journals I tend to fall off doing them. The fact that I’ve managed to update this blog every week or every two weeks at most is a very big feat for me. Sometimes I just don’t have anything to write about and when my muse takes a personal day I’m usually SOL (sh*t out of luck) so it’s during those times when I don’t have anything to write about I let my sketches speak for me. It might sound kind of tacky but that’s what you get with me sometimes.

I could probably pull some story out of thin air that I made this because I missed spring and everything is dead because it’s winter here where I live but it’s not that deeper meaning type piece. I was simply just listening to Marilyn Manson, letting my mind wander, and this is what I came up with.

While I know I promised a review, I did in fact come through with that to an extent because I suggested two apps for my fellow artists on here and also shared with you a little piece of my personal journal which I also sketch in from time to time. I hope you enjoy!

Love you. Mean it.


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