December 2018: Looking forward while reflecting back.

Hello my dearest fan friends!

Being that the Christmas weekend is upon us I just wanted to use this post for the week to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas from my family and I.

I really have so much to be grateful for as this blog has grown exponentially in the last seven months that I am really blessed with the direction that it is going in. 2019 is going to be a awesome year for this site I’m going to be opening up about very real issues that people sweep under the rug, reviewing some really awesome low-carb alcoholic alternatives, introducing some new DIY’s and showcasing some of my artwork. I will also be posting on Fridays and on Sundays during 2019 (with Sunday’s focus being on my NHL and NFL picks of the week). I really love sports and any of my friends who know me personally outside of this blog knows that I’m very passionate about hockey and football so I definitely do not want to neglect my love for sports and what better way to implement that then on Sundays?

November 28 I celebrated one year low carb and gluten free and I must say I am incredibly healthier and happier. I weigh less than I did my sophomore year of high school and I couldn’t be proud of how much more active I’ve become not only in exercising but in finding recipes to accommodate my new lifestyle so I can showcase them on this blog. Hearing about people trying them at home and not feeling like they’re missing out anymore is the whole reason I dedicated an entire section of this blog to low carb recipes. You can expect 2019 to have a lot more low carb recipes to share.

Being a writer in the age of the Internet where so many topics have already been explored is very tough and through it all I’ve had some really amazing people in my corner that had been really pushing me on this journey. I would like to also take this moment to give a very special shout out to my family both near and far especially: Tom, Draco-Sirius, Mom, Dad, Joseph, Joe, Mike, Sarah, Allison, Carol, Otto and my nieces and nephews (Elsie, Ben, Olivia and soon to be nephew number 4). I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention my Aunts Maureen and Katie, my awesome Uncle Louie and cousins John, Arlene, James, Monica, Marybeth, Keith, Kathleen, Shannon, and Lisa for always be interested in what I’m writing about and sharing my work often and relentlessly. Honorable mentions go out to: Michael, Sean, Jamesey, Luke and Katie who are technically my cousins’ children but they’re more like my first set of nieces and nephews and they’re brutally honest with me if they think a topic is good or trash. Supporting the family writer isn’t always cookies and cream but having a wonderful support system to bounce ideas off of and read back what I wrote to is really essential and I’m really blessed that I have that.

That said, I would be extremely remiss if I failed to mention the family that I chose and those are my friends who’ve relentlessly shared and liked my Facebook page. These people have really inspired me as a person and also helped me grow as a writer. I value them and their opinions as much as I value my blood family members. In all ways and for all intents and purposes the following people are my family whether we technically share blood or not so at this moment I’d like to give a special shout out to: Jen (down since day one), Alex C (please check out his podcast Sports Opinions Podcast it’s incredible and you won’t regret it), David, Nate, Nino B (an up and coming rapper), Alex TV, Sachi, James C, Andrew (my cousin), Jim S, Joey O, Angry Joe, Todd, Justin C, Jessica S, Marisa, Rob and Alice C, Bobbie, & last but never least Ashley (Who is also an amazing writer and spends a tremendous amount of time proofreading my side projects and I don’t know what I’d do without her).

I hope your Christmas is incredibly special, next Friday I will be counting down my top five favorite posts of 2018 which will definitely be hard but I hope you join me on this journey by commenting below and letting me know which posts you liked seeing best so that I can implement them more in 2019.

Love you. Mean it.



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