“My end is my beginning”

Nelson Mandela once said it always seems impossible until it is done. I believe that this is true because America was the land which was built on the impossible becoming possible. I feel incredibly lucky to have a grown-up in here, in a country where we are taught that all things are possible. Despite the growing issues with what’s going on with our youth and our nation, I feel blessed that we live in a country where we CAN protest and oppose what goes on. We may not agree with everything that people are marching for nowadays but I can surely appreciate the fact that I live in a country where people can if they choose so.

This piece was inspired by a dream I had a years ago, I had been reading about the French Revolution and one of the things I found so disturbing was the imprisonment of Marie Antoinnette. Not only was Marie martyred, but in the days leading up to her gruesome death she was both psychologically and physically abused. The people who once answered to her as their Queen now killed her friends for sport and placed their decapitated heads in her cell for “company”. While France has certainly come a long way since those days, when I look at events in history around the world I feel lucky to live somewhere where I have a voice and representation.

Throughout history many strong women had to overcome great hurtles to make a difference in their world. They had to battle gender stereotypes and a patriarchal society which valued only the opinions of males. I am glad to live in a country where women have fought for the right for me to vote. This piece was created to remind us all that there are places in this world where you can be killed just for speaking your mind. To those who are unhappy with the state of this nation, to those who are not proud to be American, I challenge you imagine what it would be like to live in a country that didn’t afford you those rights.

Imagine living in a country where the risk of threat and death always looming. On having restrictions with how many kids you should have and what gender they need to be. Imagine living in country where you were persecuted for your race, religion and sexual orientation. A county where you’re told what profession you’ll have, who you’re to marry and what to watch and listen to. Imagine a country where you’re not allowed to say anything negative about the leader of it or risk death. When you think about it in retrospect, you are awarded (by living in this country) a privilege denied to many not just in recent times but over the course of several centuries.

You have opportunities and clean running water; a roof over your head and food on your plate. You have the freedom of speech, religion and press. You could grow up to become whatever you want to be, have as many children as you want and rattle on for hours about how much you hate our president. Just remember you are allowed to do this because you live in the greatest nation of all, America. This piece which I created serves to remind us just how lucky we are to live in a nation where we can celebrate both our similarities and differences and live without fear.

Love you. Mean it.



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