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An Affirmation Page for your Bullet Journal I’ve been slacking with making sure my scheduled posts are posted on Friday this last week and half. In my defense I have a serious obsession with bullet journaling and yes I know I’m late to the game. I purchased my Happy Planner, which is a Journal/Planner/Scrapbook hybrid and so super easy to personalize and get creative with! For me, it’s been relaxing and therapeutic being able to get it all out there. Each week I do something called a “Brian Dump”. Now generally, a brain dump consists of “to do”‘s but that’s WAY too mainstream for your girl Brittany. That’s why I use my brain dump for affirmations; last week I did positive affirmations about myself, and this week? Well, this week I asked family and friends to describe our friendship/relationship in ONE word. It was harder then it sounded for some of them but the responses I got were so genuine and loving that it humbled me greatly to see a glimpse of myself through their eyes and I immediately felt blessed. An affirmation brain dump is really easy to put together there’s really maybe five steps tops and tonight I’m going to show you how it’s done!Here’s what you need:1) Create 365 ‘The Classic Happy Planner Daily Planning Refill” ($4.99 at Michael’s Craft Store)2. A Cellphone with text message/text reaction abilities. (I have an iPhone 7)3. Computer and Printer4. Colored pencils, glue stick, scissors and sharpie pens (fine point)5. Creativity! OK so the first thing you need to do is make sure that you have done daily planning refill pages which you could pick up at any Michael’s/ AC Moore Craft Store for five dollars. If you sign up for Michael’s for rewards you could keep an eye out for coupons which lower the prices greatly and get it for even less. What I really love about these pages is that they come pre-hole punched so you don’t have to worry about it, also what I love about the happy planner is you can add as many different pages and cover a wide variety of topics to your journal as you’d like (you may need to invest in some expansion disks though as your book gets filled up) and each of the daily sheets have a brain dump that you can use and just allow your creative juices to flow.Now that you’ve got your page set, decorate it, there’s no wrong way as long as it’s pleasing to your eyes. Once you’ve got your page decorated to your heart’s content text your family and friends and ask them to describe your friendship/relationship in one word. As they respond screenshot and crop their responses then send them in an email attachment to yourself. When you save the pictures from your email rename them the person who gave you that response’s name. Finally, print all of your text message bubbles out using the format of contact sheets (it’s the one AFTER wallet sized) and print. You may also do what I did depending upon the size of paper you are using for your brain dump and print out a few responses that come in in wallet sized format to give more of a dynamic in different sizes of responses in your collage.Once you’ve printed out all of your responses, glue them using a glue stick and arrange them however you see fit onto the paper. Once your responses are dried on to the page you can place your page back into the book and there you have it! An affirmation page you can appreciate for YEARS to come!Are there any bullet journaling DIYs you want me to try and post on here? Leave a comment below and tell me what you’d like me to try!Love you. Mean it.Brittany

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  1. We need more positivity in our lives, but it seems so hard to come by in this drama driven society. This is an awesome concept. I hope it catches on.

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