Snack of the Month

Okay so ask and you shall receive! I know you all wanted another recipe and I’m late posting but I’m spending the weekend on the go with my niece and nephew so unfortunately a full fledged recipe isn’t in the cards BUT I can give you the next best thing, my favorite “go to” snack between meals, and that’s Whisps.

Whisps are fantastic if you’re following a low carb lifestyle, they’re made with 100% REAL Parmesan cheese AND they’re only 1 Gram of carb per serving. Don’t believe me? Check it out!

Now I know what you’re thinking…that’s great Britt but what about the taste? They taste like Cheese It’s in my opinion but why stop at my opinion? Since kids are the most honest human beings on the planet I gave one Whisp a piece with their Mac and Cheese to Elsie and Ben and here’s what they thought:

“They taste like Cheese It’s, they’re really good!”-Elsie

“I don’t really like Cheese It’s but these are okay.”-Ben

Oh from the mouths of babes, if they like them you’ll like them for sure! You can find them at most super markets including ShopRite and Super Walmart. They’re a little pricey for such a small bag ($3.99) BUT they do last you a while!

Question of the Week: What’s your favorite low carb snack?

Love you. Mean it.



3 thoughts on “Snack of the Month”

  1. I’ve been on “Veggie Sticks” for awhile now. I don’t think they’re as healthy as these, but I replaced my cool ranch doritos for those, so I call that progress.

    1. Progress makes perfect! One thing I have noticed more since living a low-carb life is that I’m much more conscious of what I’m putting in my body than I was before.

      1. Absolutely! You do look, think and feel different when you put better things in your body.

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