Hello Everyone!

It’s almost my birthday (May 1st!) and with it I decided to do a flashback Friday to some of my favorite sketches! These were truly labors of love as they took me months to complete and are some of my proudest works. Lots of people have asked me why I don’t pursue art as a job because for me it is a sacred thing I can do where I feel one with God and outlet for when life becomes much too demanding and overwhelming. When I bring images to life on paper, I imagine that’s how God felt when he created the Earth, for it says so in Genesis 1:31 “God saw all he had made, and it was very good”. So when I reflect on these sketches I am proud of what my hands made and it was very good. I wanted to share them with you today in hopes that they inspire you to nurture the gifts God gave you that are unique only to you. These sketches were used with pencil, fine tip sharpie and Prisma Colored Pencils in black and white. I love the simplicity of black and white sketches because they are so under valued in the art world, many people think sketches or paintings that lack color lack creativity but I feel like they hold more. They allow the beholder to add whatever colors they wish with their imagination to the sketch and they give it a vintage and classic kind of feel that I feel is lacking from the art world today. Out of all the sketches I do both my hand on paper or on art app I feel these most authentically express me as an artist and for that I hold a special place in my heart for these sketches. The first is my favorite TV show, ‘How I Met Your Mother’; the next was my favorite Broadway play ‘Wicked’; the Third was a favorite movie of my friend’s ‘Twilight’ and the final is probably my most favorite, it’s my niece Elsie at age two. I am so glad I sketched her at two because although she’ll be 9 in November she’s immortalized as 2 in that sketch, my beautiful soul, my Diva, no matter how big she gets. Anyway, I hope you enjoy these sketches from my art vault that I shared with you all. Cheers to 29 years!

Love you. Mean it.



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