Chase Your Dream

The Story Behind Why I Created It: I have this odd fascination with dream catchers. I own several and keep them in various parts of my home. Originally when I created this piece the dream catcher was the only thing drawn but then I added the young woman holding it. The dream catcher represents our dreams the ones we have for ourself and our loved ones that we hold dear, the woman holding it out like a compass represents our courage to follow these dreams and not be afraid of where we may lead them.

The Inspiration Factor: A wise man once said “If you don’t have courage to build your dreams you’ll be building someone else’s” that was definitely the inspiration about this piece to encourage others to follow their dreams and take that chance.

Love you. Mean it.



2 thoughts on “Chase Your Dream”

  1. I love dream catchers. I actually have one that I’ve had passed down to me from my great grandfather that he handmade for my birthday. He was Apache. I was 4 when he passed, but I remember the last thing he told me: “No matter how much you may feel like you want to give up, don’t. If the ones that loved you would have gave up, you wouldn’t be here right now.” It didn’t hit me as hard until I had kids. Now I understand.

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