The Third Wheel, Three Steps Behind

The Story Behind Why I Created It: I was pondering the media frenzy regarding Prince Harry’s upcoming nuptials to Meghan Markle. I read an article which was titled farewell to Prince Harry the Original Third Wheel. The original picture was very poignant, the trio was walking through flowers, Kate and Will up front and Harry a few paces behind looking pensive as if wondering when his turn would come. I sketched this via stylus on the app ‘sketches’ and chose bright colors to contrast the Prince’s obvious pondering of life as a symbol that the light of his life was coming.

The Inspiration Factor: Princess Diana has long been my idol in terms of celebrity. I kept a scrapbook chronicling her life and those of her children. After her death, I always kept tabs on her son and their charities, quite proudly. Watching them grow from the stoic boys who walked behind her casket via horse drawn carriage at her funeral into the amazing men they became today was a beautiful tribute to her living legacy. I see Diana in each of her boys, it’s amazing how she lives on through them. I would say sketching this was definitely a labor of love it took two hours to get just right but I’m glad I did!

I wish Harry and Meghan all the best on their upcoming nuptials and in the future.

Who is your celebrity idol? Leave a comment below I’d love to hear from you!

Love you. Mean it.



3 thoughts on “The Third Wheel, Three Steps Behind”

  1. It sounds like you really miss Lady Diana, but find comfort from her Sons reflecting her kindness. Do you remember Diana saying that, even though she can’t be Queen, she hoped she would be Queen of the peoples’ hearts? I always felt uneasy at the circumstances of her death – it was very suspicious the way she died. It looks like there were forces out to get her. Similar to that Gentleman, Seth Rich, in the U.S.
    By the way, please let me share with you my first Post of a brand new Blog I started.Please feel free to read this Post.

    1. Hey Chris! Thanks for commenting! I do miss her terribly but you’re right, I do find comfort in her sons reflecting her kindness, compassion, and generosity. I do remember that, I also remember her saying how people feeling unloved was the worst disease to be suffering from. Yes I do believe there was foul play in her death but they’ll never admit it so we the public will never truly be told the truth even if we know it. She’s even wrote she believed they were planning to assassinate her by means of a car wreck. The Seth Rich instance was very unfortunate, such a young and bright life gone too soon so to corrupt politicians who use any means necessary to cover their tracks.

      I will most definitely check out your blog, please feel free to stop by each week on mine and leave a comment I truly love hearing from you all.

      Love you. Mean it.



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