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🎄Christmas Songs… 🎄

Christmas is a time a year that tends to bring out the best in everyone. People get in the spirit of love and giving; they’re more inclined to lend a helping hand as Christ’s birthday looms every closer. Regardless of your beliefs whether you’re a Christian or not this time of year signifies a time to let people in your life know how much you love and care about them. It’s a time of giving and receiving. A time to reflect on your faith, morals, and beliefs. One of the best thing for me about that holidays which gets me in the spirit of Christmas is the music.

Anyone who truly knows me, knows that I love music. I turn to music when I’m happy, sad, silly and mad. Music is a huge source of comfort for me. It inspires and motivates me, it also puts me in the mood for Christmas festivities. Everyone has their favorite songs, everyone has their one tune that it doesn’t feel like Christmas without. So without further ado here is the countdown of my top 5 favorite Christmas songs:

5. This Christmas- Chris Brown.

Why I ♥️ It: Chris’ vocals and rendition of this Christmas classic are both relaxing and true to the original theme of the song. Most celebrity covers of classics are anticlimactic but this one isn’t. See, nobody can argue that Chris hasn’t really been able to shake his reputation since the Rihanna incident and I feel this song reminds me of his softer side. One we haven’t seen since he released the single “With You”.

I recommend listening this song: while chasing your Jack Russell terrier around your living room as they run off with your Christmas tree skirt. It’ll make you less upset when you stub your toe on the coffee table.🎄

4. Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays-N*Sync.

Why I ♥️ It: This N*Sync song came out when I was 10 years old. I’m a 90’s kid, we love our boy bands and I was no exception. This song for me represents a sense of nostalgia, it’s jamming out to their Christmas album on my Sony stereo with my best friend Jen in my pink and purple sponge painted bedroom while fantasizing about braiding Chris Kirkpatrick’s hair. What’s not to love about feeling 10 when this song plays?

I recommend listening to this song: While your hosting a girl’s only holiday wine and cheese party🍷🧀. It’ll give you the ultimate 90’s nostalgia and spark a debate with your girl friends about just who was the hottest N*Sync member after all. 🚨Spoiler Alert 🚨 it was Chris. It was always Chris.

3. So This Is Christmas (War Is Over)- John Lennon and Yoko Ono

Why I ♥️ It: This song really captures the Christmas spirit, plus I grew up listening to this as it’s my Mother’s absolute favorite Christmas song. To me, this song is about reflecting on what we’ve done for others the whole year through. It encourages people to lay down their weapons, join arms and live in peace. John reminds us that war can always be over if we truly want it. This song encourages us to be better and challenges us by asking, what have you done to love thy neighbor? Despite Yoko’s nails on a chalkboard worthy vocals I think we can all agree it isn’t Christmas unless we hear this Lennon classic.

I recommend listening to this song: While you’re writing out your Christmas cards 📜 or wrapping your loved one’s gifts 🎁. It’s good way of reminding you just how blessed you are to have certain people in your life and encourage you that maybe in the spirit of Christmas it would be a good idea to donate to a good cause. I recommend St. Jude’s children’s hospital. Not only does your donation go to an amazing cause fighting childhood cancer but they send the cutest ornaments in the mail as a thank you for your support around the holidays.

2. Thank God It’s Christmas-Queen

Why I ♥️ It: Queen is by far one of my top 5 rock bands of all time so I think the real question would be: why wouldn’t I love this song? Freddie’s vocals really portray a sense of raw emotion that is unique to him. This holiday Queen song reminds us that whatever else may be going wrong in our life we can rely on the spirit of Christmas and each other to revitalize our weary souls. The lyrics allude that for just one night the problems of the world melt away and we are one in celebrating. If you don’t love that message I don’t know what to tell you.

I recommend listening to this song: At midnight on Christmas Day, while you’re gearing up for your festivities ahead. It’s one of those songs that are slow enough that you can slow dance in your kitchen to at 1 AM but also exciting enough that it won’t make you crave sleep without baking those fresh cookies 🍪 for Santa 🎅🏻.

1. Wonderful Christmastime-Paul McCartney

Why I ♥️ It: This song is the ultimate party song for Christmas. Not only does it get me instantly in the mood for ugly sweaters, Christmas cookies and family gatherings it makes me genuinely happy. Nostalgia is a huge part of my love for this song also, I remember before they had Santa tracker they used to announce on the radio where he was. I’d lay on my Gram’s tile floor with a boom box and listen with my cousins to find out where Santa was and I’d always hear this song before the announcement would come up and tell us where ol’ Saint Nick was last located. It reminds me of Christmas Eve at my Gram’s. Of looking up in the sky with my cousins for Rudolph and sprinkling reindeer food on my front lawn. This song is tossing and turning cause I’m too excited to sleep. This song embodies Christmas for me. The magic and innocence of my youth. It’s my Grammy spending the night, singing happy birthday to Jesus before tucking me in. It’s me waking her up at 6 AM to see what presents were left for me under the tree. This song is Christmas to me that’s why I love it.

I recommend listening to this song: on Christmas Eve while you’re making your own Christmas memories. I always do!🎄🍪🎅🏻🎁

So there you have it! My top 5 Christmas songs! What are yours? Leave a comment below and start the conversation, I’d LOVE to hear from you!

Love you. Mean it.



3 thoughts on “My Top 5”

    1. Hey Kelly! Thanks for stopping by! Yeah , I’m probably one of the few people that still really enjoy listening to Chris Brown…he’s got a great voice. Yeah, it just isn’t Christmas unless I’ve listen to N*Sync’s holiday CD. I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 🙂

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