An Open Letter to Phil Murphy…

From a middle-class independent NJ resident…

Dear Governor Elect Phil Murphy,

I don’t expect you to know who I am for I am many things: I am a wife, a daughter, a sister, an Aunt of three beautiful children ages 8, 4 , and 5 months, and a friend. All you really need to know is I am a lifelong resident of New Jersey for 28 1/2 years. My entire life has been lived no more than 15 minutes from the beach, I know people who are still reeling personally from Sandy and while I hope, sincerely, you will do right by my family and friends in this state I am cynical at best. You see, I did not vote for you on November 7th 2017, in fact I voted against you and here’s why:

While it’s been said you aren’t planning another tax hike, I’ll believe it when I see it. I’ve read a lot about you, Phil, can I call you Phil? You propose to pay for your initiatives through a $1.3 billion tax hike on rich residents, corporations and potential legal marijuana users. But then you amended this statement by saying you aren’t looking for further tax increases should that money not cover all of your goals. Listen, I’ve watched so many people I grew up with and family members actually LEAVE this state because NJ has some of the highest taxes in the country. I don’t want to hear anything about you raising taxes-I want to hear what you’ll do to lower them. Give families incentives to STAY here and try NOT to rob us blind any chance you get.

As a pre-school teacher and college graduate such views as universal pre-kindergarten and free community college  sound good on paper but what would that do for jobs within those industries? Free means the money to fund such places would have to come from somewhere namely my taxes which I think are highly unrealistic. Affordable? Yes. Free? Only in a perfect world. Call me a ‘Debbie Downer’ but I don’t see THAT much economic growth occurring in the next four years, I’m a realist.

While there are many policies I can agree with such as removing high risk tests and growing NJ’s rapidly advancing (11th in the nation) technological jobs- I think the biggest issue I have is making NJ a sanctuary state. I strongly believe your idea to make New Jersey a sanctuary state is nothing shy of disgraceful. You might not LIKE Donald Trump but he IS our president and to have an entire state refuse to cooperate with the federal government over illegal immigration issues is not only unethical but unconstitutional. Your progressive idealism and blatant disregard for our safeties in these NJ cities you wish to offer up as “sanctuaries” isn’t any cooler now than it was 16 years ago in the wake of 9/11. This is not to say I am against honest, hardworking immigrants.

I am all for immigration done right, the way my ancestors did it, legally. I am concerned also of your ethics, when asked about illegal immigrant Jose Carranza who shot three victims execution style you didn’t answer right away but later said you’d “have the backs” of people like this. That’s so NOT okay. I’m also not okay with you refusing to answer the 2% cap question or how you’re refusing to lay out a plan of HOW you’ll pay for this lucrative progressive agenda other than saying you’ll grow the economy, well, again HOW?

All I know is that in the severely democratic state such as New Jersey, after the lowest approval rate of 13% from Governor Chris Christie the democrats could have put a Sienese Cat up for election and feline would have won. However, unlike the current generation who can not grasp the concept of their candidate NOT being elected, I’m willing to give you a try and if I don’t like you, you’ll know at the polls where I’ll be in the percentage of votes that went to your opponent.



Hello fan friends! I know I posted this kind of late, I came down with a heavy duty sinus infection Friday and Saturday and am finally on the mends, I hope you had a wonderful weekend!

Love you. Mean it.



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