Of Cam and Controversies

Newton’s 1st Law States: “an object will remain at rest or in uniform motion in a straight line unless acted upon by an external force. It may be seen as a statement about inertia, that objects will remain in their state of motion unless a force acts to change the motion.”

Cam Newton’s 1st Law: For Every Cam action there’s a media and critic OVERREACTION.”

Many would consider this story old news, but it’s still a touchy spot I’ve had to comment on especially when the Panthers played Thursday Night Football verses the Eagles. I’ve been pretty silent on the whole ‘Cam controversy’ but I’m breaking my silence today:

I’ve been a Panthers fan since I was six years old. The Panthers played the Jets that year, I just so happened to be watching the game with my dad and I instantly fell in love with them. I always joke that Tom was my second experience with love at first sight: the first was my Carolina Panthers. They were the underdogs much like I felt my entire life; I had to fight for every victory I achieved so did they. I have been a fan long before Cam Newton’s face graced our franchise and I will be a fan long after he retires.

In my 22 years of being a fan, I’ve been proud of almost every player (past and present) on my team. The only exception to this is Ray Caurruth (the man who killed his pregnant girlfriend and as a result permanently disabled his child). My team may not have won a Super Bowl but we’ve made it to two.

For all the crud people talk about Cam Newton and the Panthers they don’t see what amazing people and athletes with inspiring stories they have to share. Ya’ll don’t know that Steve Smith (former Panther) was told in college he would never be able to play because he wasn’t big enough but he laughed in the face of adversity and achieved that and so much more! Ya’ll don’t see all the good Cam does for kids and his community. You don’t realize my team is home to two Walter Payton Man of the year nominees (Thomas Davis and Greg Olsen). You don’t know Greg Olsen donates so much money to children hospitals to help children born with heart defects because his own son was born with one. You don’t know Kelvin Benjamin is playing every snap this season (2017) for his mom because she died in July. You don’t know our motto “Keep Pounding” was born out of symbolism of Sam Mills’ (a NJ native) very heart wrenching battle with cancer (which he lost). There’s a lot of players on the team that you don’t know their story, but if you ask me I would be happy to share that and many more with you.

My team may not have won a Super Bowl but I will always be proud to wear blue and black and cheer for them each and every week as long as I have breath in my body win or lose. I love my team and every player on it, I see them for the people they are, I look at the work they do off the field, I see what they do for their communities. When I look at the Carolina Panthers I see a team that is more than deserving of their chance in the spotlight, of their chance to hold up that Lombardi trophy. I don’t see my team through snapshots of various interpretations of a two minute interview like many other fans do. I will be a fan of the Panthers long after my body is ashes, my spirit will be on the sidelines every single game as a warm gentle Carolina breeze cheering on my boys wherever they’ll go. I still think Cam Newton did nothing wrong. So for the record: I stand with Cam, I stand with the Panthers, and if that makes me ‘sexist’ I’ll stand with that too.

Love you. Mean it.



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