Tale as Old As Time

The Story Behind Why I Created It: I call this piece ‘Tale As Old As Time’ and it’s for obvious reasons. The rose within the glass, dropping petals is very reminiscent of a certain Disney princess and her beastly lover. I sketched and edited this on the app ‘mybrushes’ using a basic stylus for precision on a rainy day in April 2015, it was a few months before I got married so obviously I had romance on the brain with wedding planning and whatnot. The truth is, I love flowers, the first painting I did on canvas when I was thirteen were a garden of flowers. For me, reasons behind WHY I create various art pieces are spontaneous, a good 95% of the time I get an image in my head and I’ll spend hours perfecting and editing my sketches till it’s too my satisfaction. I wanted something both classic and unique, I feel like I achieved that here.

The Inspiration Factor: I feel like Disney unconsciously inspires so much of my artwork. I think because when I sit down and sketch, my mind is free almost child like if that makes any sense at all and when I think back on some of my fondest memories growing up it was enjoying Disney movies on rainy days with my Mom, Dad (if he was off and not working) and brother. This particular work was actually set to the screensaver on my phone for a number of years and I got a lot of compliments on it at various points in time.

For years, I was a closet artist, which meant nobody really knew that I could draw until my binder was accidentally found one day by my parents. For me, I was never really much of a show off and having the ability to sketch and create things was for years my method of escaping reality for a little while, in the comfort of my bedroom. This, along with writing has always been my safe haven and I’m so blessed to be able to get to a point where I can share my work with all of you.

A Heartfelt Thanks:

I have six followers (7 counting myself)! It took me like 3 minutes to process that as a slow Cheshire Cat grin spread over my face and I just want to say: thank you!!! It took me a few years to really get this blog off the ground the way I envisioned it, and I feel so blessed that six of you decided to follow me and I hope you continue to like and share my work so that I can share more of my thoughts, sketches, poems, short stories and more with all of you.

A big FYI, I will also be posting some DIY’s soon, science experiments for kids and more so please stay tuned and thank for journeying with me each and every Friday.

Love you. Mean it.



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