What Draco Taught Me…

about life…

Dogs. Some people love them and others hate them. Whether you classify yourself as a dog or cat person there’s plenty to take away from this post about what we can learn from the animals in our lives. Personally, I think humans should strive to be the type of person their pet thinks they are because the world would be a better place for sure! I know for a fact my life has changed and been enriched from Draco being apart of it. To prove it, I’ve created a list of 3 things my fur-baby has taught me about life.

1. Unconditional Love– No matter what mood I come home in or how many times I yell at him to stop jumping on our house guests, Draco loves me. He is always 100% hyped to spend time with Tom and I (he absolutely hates being left behind whether we go to work or out to dinner) and he is the first to greet us with a wagging tail not to mention a sloppy kiss. Animals don’t judge your messy hair, runny mascara from crying after a rough day, and problems concerning the outside world. They are unconditionally there for you to vent to, laugh/play with, sob on their soft coat and snuggle with. Animals sadly get abandoned by their owners each day but your animal will NEVER abandon you. Draco taught me that the humans in our lives deserve the same type of unconditional love, in a world where everything from family relationships to friendships are disposable, we can stand to learn a lot about how to treat others from the way our animals treat us with patience, deep unconditional love and respect.

2. Responsibility – Draco was literally the first living, breathing creature Tom and I have kept alive, happy, and healthy for the last two years. Let that sink in. I remember bringing home this tiny little puppy on my lap thinking, “holy hat, this is all me…this helpless animal will rely on us for the rest of his life.” Draco requires regular yearly vet check ups, attention, exercise, and a specific diet to keep him at his best. Prior to bringing him home, both Tom and I had experience caring for the family dogs we had with our parents and siblings but after bringing Draco home I feel like I have a greater sense of responsibility, whether we’re out with friends for a night on the town or at a wedding/family event animals help their owners be less selfish because you have them to think of. Gone are the days we can spend an impromptu weekend trip to AC because we have Draco to consider, but we’re strangely okay with that!

3. Appreciation for the little things in life – Draco gets excitement from the little things in life, like walking down to the dock to sit and watch the sunset with me. He also enjoys running around the yard and going on outings with his best friend, Rafe (My best friend Jen’s Australian Sheppard). He doesn’t wish for more money, fame, a bigger house or a nicer car. He asks only for time each day with the people who matter most to him and at the end of the day, while it’s easy to get caught up in day-to-day life, animals can remind what it’s like to be young without the weight of the world on our shoulders and in turn appreciate the little things in life we often overlook.

While there are so many more lesson animals can teach us, I feel that these three are the most important to touch upon. I will end this post with a thank you to my Draco, for making me a better person, friend, and dog mom. What three things have your animals taught you? Leave a comment below discussing what ways your life was more enriched by your animals, I love hearing from all of you!

Love you. Mean it.



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