Addictive Games Review…


Whether I’m waiting in the waiting room of a doctor’s office or just looking to pass some time away there’s an app for everything…literally!
Every now and again I get the urge to look through the top rated free games in the App Store on iTunes and every now and then an app catches my eye.
Enter the game ‘Stack’ by the developer Ketchapp (think of Ketchup to remember). The object of the game is quite simple you stack the squares by tapping the bottom square once the top square lines up. You basically stack them as high as you can before the blocks get smaller and smaller (the app actually keeps track of how many you get). It’s very easy but very addictive. Like super addictive, as in I’m about to start a chapter called ‘Stack Addicts Anonymous’

The diamonds you see in the top right corner you gain with the amount of personal records you set and the ads (while present) aren’t so overwhelming that you’ll get irritated with actually playing the game.

I believe you can get rid of the ads by paying a fee but as I mentioned above its not detrimental to your gamer sanity to view them.

Overall I give this app 5/5 stars it’s so simple my Mom could probably play it and challenging enough that you won’t get terribly bored of it quickly.

Did you try this app? How did you feel about it? Leave a comment below with your thoughts and opinions, I love to hear from you.

Love you. Mean it.


One thought on “Addictive Games Review…”

  1. I just downloaded this on my phone, and it is highly addictive. Solitaire and sudoku are still my number one and two, but this is definitely number three.

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