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Addictive Games Review…


Whether I’m waiting in the waiting room of a doctor’s office or just looking to pass some time away there’s an app for everything…literally!
Every now and again I get the urge to look through the top rated free games in the App Store on iTunes and every now and then an app catches my eye.
Enter the game ‘Stack’ by the developer Ketchapp (think of Ketchup to remember). The object of the game is quite simple you stack the squares by tapping the bottom square once the top square lines up. You basically stack them as high as you can before the blocks get smaller and smaller (the app actually keeps track of how many you get). It’s very easy but very addictive. Like super addictive, as in I’m about to start a chapter called ‘Stack Addicts Anonymous’

The diamonds you see in the top right corner you gain with the amount of personal records you set and the ads (while present) aren’t so overwhelming that you’ll get irritated with actually playing the game.

I believe you can get rid of the ads by paying a fee but as I mentioned above its not detrimental to your gamer sanity to view them.

Overall I give this app 5/5 stars it’s so simple my Mom could probably play it and challenging enough that you won’t get terribly bored of it quickly.

Did you try this app? How did you feel about it? Leave a comment below with your thoughts and opinions, I love to hear from you.

Love you. Mean it.


A Woman’s Right To Choose…

…Not, in¬†the meaning you think this title means….

I’m perfectly fine being the crazy Aunt ūüôā
Let me start this post by giving you a background, I’m 27 years old. Keep that in mind that at 27,¬†I’d have to get pregnant¬†next month¬†in order to be the age my Mother was when she had me (at 28). Surprisingly (or not surprisingly to those of you¬†who actually know me), I am on the fence about¬†having children of my own. Don’t get me wrong,¬†my love for kids is totally intact, I mold and shape them into (hopefully) becoming the most well-rounded and well-adjusted student five out of seven days a week and I truly¬†love my job. Being a pre-school teacher¬†is one of the most demanding and rewarding things you can do with your life.¬†Which is why for many¬†the months leading up to my wedding to Tom, relatives and friends asked us “So when do you plan on starting a family?” it’s a natural progressive question. This is why I did not get offended the first six times it was asked to me and I coyly replied, “We’re not sure if kids are in the cards for us”. The reactions ranged from “good for you!” to “why not?! You’d be such great parents!” I’ve come to the conclusion with my husband that IF we do have a child it will on our terms (yes, there’s no typo if we have a child it will be the only one).
My parents are very¬†supportive of¬†Tom and I’s¬†decision to have or not have a child and there’s a large comfort in knowing we aren’t the only millennials opting out of parenthood.¬†According to a study from the Urban Institute,’ birth rates among women in their 20’s dropped 15% between 2007 and 2012.’ Additional studies from Pew Research Center shows a longer-term trend of women opting out of parenthood as since 1970¬†foregoing motherhood altogether has doubled. This statistic is¬†strangely empowering, mostly because I’ve been faced with comments from relatives and even friends who’ve had¬†kids that reflect the taboo associated with women who choose not to be¬†Mothers. I’ve been told that it’s “disappointing”¬†that¬†I could honestly even consider not bringing life into this world,¬†then there’s¬†my favorite, the¬†“I do not know what true unconditional love is until I¬†give birth and lay eyes on my baby for the very first time” and even past popes in my Catholic faith have put reluctant¬†women (like¬†myself)¬†on blast saying not to procreate is essentially “selfish”.
When¬†I’m feeling optimistic about having a child, I¬†try to appease these “pro parenting” people and say perhaps just one¬†baby would be nice, and I genuinely mean that most days. After all, as¬†my cousin Kathleen and I have¬†joked, “who will pick out the best nursing home for us when we’re old?”. I have a lot of¬†decent¬†jewelry, a solid set of morals and values passed on from my parents and I’m already kind of a¬†parent now as a teacher. So, essentially the critics¬†DO have a point, I think¬†my husband and I¬†could potentially have a lot of positive attributes that would make us decent¬†parents.¬†What we didn’t count on was¬†reactions to having one child are sometimes WORSE than explaining you’re not sure you’re having children at all. “You can’t just have one!” “That’s more selfish than having none at all!” “They’ll be alone!” the onslaught of these pro-parenting individuals many of them who I love and who’s opinion I value, make me fall back to square one of ‘undecided’ in the kid department.
These claims that having just one is even more selfish is simply unfounded for me. For one, I was an only child for nearly eight years before my brother was born. Had a beautiful¬†“whoops!” that ended up resulting in Joey not happened, I would have been an only child. I love my brother, I’m blessed to have him and every time I watch him accomplish something great my heart swells with genuine pride. Am I better off for having him in my life? Absolutely, I¬†only hazily¬†remember my detailed¬†life before he was born, however, I do not think I would have been less adjusted, more bratty, and¬†heaps more self-centered if he had not been born 19 years and 3 months ago. That character just never was in mine or my husband’s¬†DNA and it certainly wouldn’t be in our¬†only child’s DNA either.
A common misconception about women on the fence about kids is that we don’t want to have children because we don’t have the time and our careers come first. This isn’t always true, in fact, I LOVE when people ask me how I’ve come to my decision rather than assume. My advice, ASK before you ASSUME. Here are¬†5 reasons why¬†I’m leaning towards not having children:
1. Children can be money pits and with student loans on the table they may not be feasible to support when my husband and I ourselves have just enough money get by and get the occasional Applebee’s once a month. Don’t even get me started on medical costs in terms of giving birth and having the burden of a lifetime financial commitment to a kid (not to mention more than one, how’s that selfish?). With more millenials going to college finances is the top reason many of my 20’s cohorts feel they may opt out altogether.
2. Mental health issues are on both sides of my husband and I’s families. I won’t get into details but if you’ve taken a biology course in science you’ll know there’s always a shot at mental illness being passed down.
3. I will need in-vitro fertilization because of a genetic disorder-that while it does not impact my life to severely-it could manifest in my offspring much more severe. So my eggs will need to be tested and basically conceived for me which takes time, money and patience.
4. ¬†The world isn’t always a great place and I would want to spare my potential child from living in a world of jerks. I feel like we as a world have far too many issues with bullying, shooting, law enforcement, government officials and quite frankly I don’t want to thrust that responsibility on someone who had no say in whether or not they wanted to be born.
5. It’s my body, my choice and I don’t need a reason why. The same way I do not judge people who want to embark on starting families or ask them why they are choosing to have children, I do not want that¬†question thrust upon me about why I chose not to.
If Tom and I do have a baby, rest assured it will be an only¬†child. Not only is this more financially feasible for our lifestyle, our miracle baby would be loved and gotten the best medical care in the world (if they did turn out mentally ill), I would only have one child to worry about in this scary world and that’s if we choose to have one, devil’s advocate. I also wouldn’t be that parent on social media who posts¬†a slew of¬†photos and¬†videos of their child on social media every two hours. In fact, my child will probably be posted and chatted about once a month so my friends and family can actually see the growth of the child and not feel bombarded¬†by photographs of every hour of¬†my child’s mouth (showing a tooth coming in), showing them sleep or 60 other photographs of them doing the same thing. I will not¬†be that social media monster mom and if I become one, please remind me of this post.¬†A child might just be okay and affordable for¬†Tom and I but¬†forget about two, it just isn’t in the cards. A baby might not be in the cards at all for us. If all else fails¬†we’re perfectly fine being the crazy Aunt and¬†Uncle,¬†I’ll write an update in 10 years on the outcome but please¬†stop criticizing me, because it is a woman’s right to choose.
How do you feel about children? Are you having one or more? What influenced your choice? Leave a comment below discussing your thoughts and feelings, I love to hear from you!
Love you. Mean it.

7 Things…

My Grammy taught me never to take for granted….

Grammy and I: Halloween 2009
There are lessons which need to be learned through experiences and there are lessons which can be taught to you by family and friends. My Grammy was born during a time where America was building into the nation it became today, she lived through the Great Depression, World War II, Kennedy being assassinated, and the¬†twin towers coming down on 9/11. To say she saw and experienced a lot in her lifetime was an understatement. I spent more time with my¬†Mother’s Mom then any of my cousins, her and I shared a¬†bond that even her death¬†in August of 2011 could not break.¬†I found myself feeling¬†such a profound void in her absence¬†but also a profound sense of duty to record and live¬†by the 7 things which she taught me never to take for granted. I’d like to share these¬†7 things with you, my loyal readers, today.
1. The love God has for all of us. According to my Grammy, God is always there just waiting for us to pray for his guidance and we must never take for granted our unique ability to call on him whenever we may need him.
2. The unconditional love of families. Nothing was more important to my Grammy than family, she always stressed the importance of blood being thicker than water and truly valuing and accepting family members for who they are just as they must accept you.
3. The gift of being able to wake up each and every day. My Grammy lived to be 93, which meant she saw a lot of people die, including her youngest son, she taught me that every day we are able to wake up and make a difference in the world we should because we never know if we will be granted the opportunity for tomorrow.
4. The ability to distinguish blessings from lessons. According to Grammy, every person and event was sent by God either as blessings which we must cherish or lessons which we must grow from and we MUST be grateful for both and thank the LORD for them.
5. The way we treat people will have a profound impact on how they turn out. Grammy shared with me many stories from her youth and adulthood centered around the theme of how the adults in her life shaped her thoughts and attitudes on life. She stressed that we must always treat others with love and compassion because everyone is fighting a battle which you cannot see.
6. The power of forgiveness. My Grammy once described hate and grudges as poison which taints the soul and that we must not only forgive to release that toxicity from our own systems but because as Catholics it is our God-given duty to forgive others as HE has asked us.
7. The knowledge that¬†what you don’t have in your hand you can’t¬†very well hold on to. My Grammy used this saying to describe her feelings on letting go of the things in our life which we have little to no control over.
What were seven things someone taught you never to take for granted? Leave your response in the comment section below, because I love hearing from you!
Love you. Mean it.
This post was dedicated to my beautiful and selfless Grammy
Mary T. Doyle (5/2/18-8/30/11) you helped shape me into the woman I am today and I love you to heaven and back.

13 Things On May 13th…

That I love about my husband Tom…

With the monotony of everyday life it is so easy to get caught up in the here and now rather than the always been there and always valued. To some of you who read this blog, you may know my husband Tom and I personally, to others you may only know of him as that guy I mention here and there in my posts that I call my spouse. Whether you know or do not know that wonderful man who captured my heart eight years ago in March, in honor of his birthday today I’ve compiled a list of 13 things on this Friday May 13th that I love about Tom.

My lovable husband, Tom.
1. His loyalty. Tom is easily one of the most loyal people I have ever known in my life, his ability to stand by me and defend me whether I am right or wrong is a trade I will never take for granted. Tom’s brother Joe put it best in his Best Man speech, if he (or anyone Tom cared about) was broken down in Alaska he’d without question go there to help and bring them home.
2. He is loving and kind. Tom is the first person to lift my spirits when I put myself down. He does not tolerate anything less than the absolute best for me and anyone else he loves and cares for. He treats everyone he meets with love and compassion from the old lady needing help in the parking lot to putting together a toy or game for his niece and nephew.
3. He really is amazing with kids! Although we are on the fence about having a child of our own, as a teacher, I marvel at watching my husband interact with kids and it makes me lean more towards the possibility of having one someday even just so I can see what an amazing Dad I know he could be!
4. He is responsible. Tom is very responsible with everything from paying bills on time to never forgetting a first cousin once removed’s birthday and insisting we send a gift. He knows how to manage our money and (like me) understands there’s a large difference between wants and needs.
5. He is hardworking. Tom is a total go-getter in life, he works hard at his job, is always early or on time and rarely calls out sick (unless of course he really IS sick). A lot of Tom’s livelihood is based on his ability to help provide the best life possible for Draco and I. Tom helps me write a lot of the home budget tips and lists of things we plan to do, he loves to tackle DIY home improvement projects and has a natural flair for it.
6. He is supportive. Tom has managed to support me through both the laughter and the tears that have come our way through the years. He’s rejoiced in my happiness and held me in my moments of profound grief. No matter whether I am teaching or embracing the¬†launch of¬†my second¬†career (this blog), Tom is my biggest fan and the gratitude I feel for that is immeasurable.
7. He’s the organized to my unorganized. I’m not going to lie, if my husband had the same habits with neatness and organization as I did¬†we’d live in a pig sty! Luckily, he doesn’t and in turn he motivates me to be more neat and orderly which I credit him for helping me clean up with.
8. He loves hockey and football. While we do not support the same teams (I’m the NJ Devils to his NY Rangers and he’s the Dallas Cowboys to my Carolina Panthers) we can talk for hours about both sports, from¬†impending deals/trades to score predictions for upcoming games.
9. His ability to use movie quotes to lighten any mood. Tom is the master of lightning up any dark mood, his ability to take situations and match them to movie quotes to garner laughter is uncanny and second to none. For example, when the Vikings field goal kicker missed that playoff winning field goal (I really wanted the Seahawks to lose) I was a bit bummed until Tom mimicked Ray¬†Finkle from Ace Ventura: Pet Detective saying “THE LACES WERE IN! THEY WERE IN!” which immediately caused me to bust out laughing.
10. He’s one of my best friends. Seriously, I can tell Tom anything and I know what I say stays safely with him. He does not blab our business to anyone from family to strangers. I value the fact that we do everything from food shopping to taking walks in Home Depot together (the happiest place on Earth in my opinion).
11. His love for God matches mine. Tom and I make God apart of our marriage. We read scripture, pray, go to church , and look to God for a greater understanding of our life purpose¬†together. We understand God’s desire for us to serve Him, others¬†and more importantly¬†each other and we keep His commandments and hold them sacred.
12.  His unapologetic nature. Tom is who he is, and he is unapologetic in his truth about his likes, dislikes, and generally way of viewing things. He is unique and a self-proclaimed non-conformist, his ability to march to the beat of his own drum is very refreshing in a world where everybody tries to be someone else.
13. His unconditional love for me and ability to forgive others. Tom loves me so unconditionally it never ceases to amaze me, additionally, his ability to not hold grudges for things which we were wronged by is truly inspiring. While I have been known to harbor a grudge or three, Tom holds none towards anyone and inspires me to be more like that also.
So there you have it, 13 things I love about my husband. I could have gone on forever but I’ll stop there because it’s time for me to light the candles on his ice cream cake before the whole cake melts. Feel free to leave your comment below and tell me what you love about Tom or if you don’t know him comment about something in which you learned about him through my 13 things, because I do love hearing from you the fan friends.
Love you. Mean it.


This post is dedicated to husband, Tom.

My 5 Birthday Wishes….

I hope every year come true…

Past. Present. Future. Time changes things. On the other hand,¬†we may not realize it¬†but we all change with time. One day finishes to¬†become another and what’s more, another. The Earth gradually pivots and spins. The clock’s hands never stop, no matter how much we want it to. Furthermore, with it, the wheels of progress are set into movement. It creeps in gradually,¬†inch by inch.¬†Adding yet¬†one more day. But then again, it is definitely not.
To make a few days stand out from the rest, we give them a significance, a name, or a reason. Indeed, even your birthday is a day your parents and relatives teach you to give significance and yet there are so many people who see no motivation to celebrate the day they arrived into this world and took their first breath of air. (I do.) Critics often say it is simply one more day, so why go the additional mile?
They are right in this sense, it is one more day. In any case, why should that prevent us from celebrating the precious joy of life? Why does it prevent us from taking a couple of minutes, hours or a whole day to reflect on your life, your relationships with family, friends, even co-workers, and above all, remember your good fortune?
In our current reality where there are incalculable motivations to feel dull and useless, it is¬†the small day-to-day¬†activities we take part in¬†that matter because essentially they make you who you are. These activities quite often win us¬†the bonds¬†we share with¬†friends and family. Yet, these friends¬†may not stay until the end of time, sadly there are¬†moments when we¬†lose all sense of¬†contact with our longtime¬†friends and they¬†are¬†in the different¬†chapters of the book called life then we are,¬†basically in light of the fact that “life” happened.
Yes, it is not an extremely cheerful feeling to think back and recollect the people who were once so dear to us and yet are no longer a dynamic piece of our life. We are taught to hold those all the more dear who have been with us until the end of time.
In any case, why¬†should to that prevent you from being appreciative to have the¬†people who do remain, or the¬†people who have entered your life once more? Since past experience recommends they may not be there tomorrow and since nothing keeps going on indefinitely¬†forever except for God’s love for us (in my opinion, yours may vary, I hold zero judgments).
In the event that you ask me, it is definitely this motivation behind why you¬†SHOULD celebrate birthdays ‚ÄĒ yours and others, particularly others ‚ÄĒ for on the off-chance that you didn’t¬†take¬†today to create meaningful experiences and memories, to feel appreciative and feel unique, you might have nothing to think back about tomorrow.
Today, you have these people. Tomorrow, you may not. For example, my Grammy and I were born a day apart, I never realized how much I took for granted being able to share a birthday cake¬†and blow out the candles with her until the¬†first birthday I celebrated after she passed away.¬†In any case, amid the time when they are a piece of your life, they are or have been critical and when they aren’t anymore you feel it. Why not make them feel that specialness¬†today, regardless of what happens tomorrow? Figures of speech and expressions inform us to make the most of each moment; that each and every day ought to be exceptional ‚ÄĒ not only a couple. In any case, we all realize that is not¬†always sensible as life gets in the way, jobs and obligations.
That is what brings me to the five birthday wishes I have every year, hopefully one year I’ll receive them:
1. All of my friends, family and relatives to chip in and have a huge party, like a wedding, except it celebrates the bond we share with each other another year. Rent a big hall, hire a DJ, a caterer, dress up and celebrate each other.
2. I do not hear news that anyone I know (or anyone they know) has cancer.
3. God blesses all my family, friends, and everyone who reads this blog with many more birthdays, health and happiness (myself included).
4. To meet a real, gifted medium who will be able to contact my Grammy so I can talk to her again.
5. That my blog will reach, inspire and change the way people think in a positive way.
Those are my five birthday wishes, be that as it may, there were additionally¬†times when I was horribly¬†aware of those I had¬†left¬†behind¬†on my¬†journey forward in life¬†and my wishes also extend to them. Their non-attendance was felt. These who¬†made up¬†the¬†‘ghosts¬†of friendships past’¬†and once¬†held a significant¬†spot in my day by day life that have followed a different path than me, I salute you too, for you left a hand print on my heart that helped shape me into the woman I became.
Life happened. It is dismal, yes. In any case, I think back on those¬†times with those people with¬†cheerful wistfulness. I am appreciative¬†of that¬†reason¬†for my birthday, where I get to¬†communicate the significance of¬†everyone I know (past and present)’s¬†place in my life, and the other way around. I now know, right then and there in time, I had mattered to them. I likewise realize that since they aren’t here does not mean they have been¬†erased for all¬†eternity. I feel my Grandmother’s presence with me daily despite her being deceased for nearly five years. I also have photographs of my childhood friends Jessica and Mike (one lost to cancer the other lost to growing apart) and I will cherish them when I look at them every now and then when I feel nostalgic.
Every May 1st, I feel appreciative for having been¬†loved and esteemed by those around me, by¬†being given the life I now lead, for the¬†friends and family¬†who are a piece of my life now and who went to such awesome lengths to make me feel extraordinary.¬†Every¬†year I¬†do that then offer into¬†the universe¬†as¬†bit of¬†wistfulness for the lost ones that despite the fact that they and the memories I’d imparted to them were unique, I find myself in hopes that¬†they are as happy as I am with their lives.Every¬†May 1st, I discover motivations to praise the day, as opposed to pass it off as simply one more day. On my birthday, I remember my good fortune for what I have today before I lose it, and what I had yesterday.

On my birthdays, I pay tribute to the thing called time and I encourage you to do the same.

How do you feel about birthdays? Who in your life are you must grateful for? Leave a comment below as I love hearing from all of you!
Love you. Mean it.

7 Things to Do When…

You feel stressed out and overwhelmed

Do you remember being a kid? Taking naps, coloring, playing make pretend with dolls, action figures, or stuffed animals,¬†singing songs ridiculously off-key and thinking you were going to be the next Christina Aguilera or Blink 182? Yeah, me too. When we’re little the truth is we can’t wait to grow up because, obviously, when we’re grown up we think we can do whatever we want to do. What we ignored was the amused¬†laughter and wistful statements from the adults in our lives that growing up isn’t so easy. Well, if you (like me) have made it to adulthood you’ll know the truth behind the ominous comments you brushed off all those years ago. Being an adult can be bittersweet, while it is fun it can also be overwhelming being¬†a slave to¬†time, having bills to pay, deadlines to meet, budgets to set up (determining wants versus needs) and¬†events to attend when you wish you can just stay home with a pint of ice cream and watch Zoolander.
Let’s face it, being an adult is fun but it is also hard. If we’re really honest with ourselves, we can all admit we’ve had days where we did not want to leave the comfort of our beds and start our day.

The truth about adulthood is that you aren’t alone, everybody¬†feels overwhelmed and stressed sometimes.

‚ÄĘMaybe you have a family circumstance that needs additional time and consideration.
‚ÄĘMaybe you have a specific colleague that just by one means or another meshes on your last nerve.
‚ÄĘMaybe money is tight this month and you’re worried about bills getting paid on time.
‚ÄĘMaybe you are having car problems.
‚ÄĘMaybe you are sick or some you¬†love and care about¬†is sick.

So what would you be able to do when you feel irate, overwhelmed and focused about the things you truly have little control over?

I trust that, on the off-chance that you take these seven ways to de-stress at the end of the day you can all the more effortlessly control how you handle your response to the unpleasant circumstances that manifest in your life (and trust me they will manifest at the most unpredictable times).

I might want to say that you can take out anxiety totally ‚ÄĒ however I can’t. I’ve been a silent suffer of anxiety for years and had countless amount of anxiety attacks through the years.¬†Nonetheless, there is a great deal you can do to set yourself up so when you are confronted with these circumstances you can find your inner peace once more.

1. Color. Yes, you heard me right, buy a coloring book and crayons¬†from the dollar store or you can google ‘adult coloring book’¬†to order a customized coloring book¬†and literally color your stress away. I’ve found this works when I have a block in creative thoughts or a situation which requires me to problem solve. I whip out my coloring book, focus solely on staying in the lines and when I finish I am able to re-think the situation more calmly and rationally.

Coloring is the best thing kids of all ages can do to unwind.

2. Reading. We’ve all had bad days, bad weeks, and sometimes bad months. Picking up your favorite chapter book (mine is the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling and Embraced by the Light by Barbara J. Eadie) can literally transport you into another time or place where your problems simply do not exist. There’s no better way to get your mind off of whatever is going on in your life then focusing on the lives of your favorite fictional characters. You may find after reading a particularly sobering novel (like Angela’s Ashes or My Sister’s Keeper) your situation isn’t that bad and are able to tackle your issues with renewed vigor.


Harry Potter remains a classic for me to unwind to.



3. Watch a Soap Opera. Really, turn on ABC 7¬†at about 3 PM eastern time, watch ‘General Hospital’ and tell me if seeing all the drama, backstabbing, and betrayal that goes on in that show doesn’t make you feel a heck of a lot better about your own life problems. At work¬†or in school when it comes on? Record it and watch it when you come home.¬†My father-in-law swore by this as a coping mechanism when his divorce from my Mother-in-law was happening and recommended it when I was studying for my math praxis as a means to take my mind off of my own feelings of being short-changed that I couldn’t student teach and I came to really enjoy this method. Not only do you get to follow¬†ridiculous story lines (some not even realistic) and larger than life characters but you get attached to the actors who play them¬†(when the actress who plays Kiki on GH¬†was replaced, I noticed it and got outraged).
Me (blonde in this picture)watching some TV

4. Smile and Joke. Even when you feel like crying,¬†smiling and laughing is one of the best ways to instantly lighten your mood.¬†Sharing good joke with a friend or even a corny one with a family member, like the time I was upset that it was snowing so I called my cousin Lisa¬†on my break and told her: “How do you find¬†Will Smith in the snow? Look for the Fresh Prints!”.¬†Watch a¬†good movie or TV show¬†with your¬†Husband or Wife,¬†Tom and I¬†personally watch ABC’s¬†Once Upon a Time, Monday night RAW/Thursday¬†night Smackdown and Total Divas on “E!”. We watch it, share our thoughts on the¬†episode and hold a discussion or debate on¬†whatever is going on that week. It’s a great way to set aside time for your significant other and (all it requires is cable or¬†Netflix) talk about things that aren’t bills, upcoming events you need an outfit for,¬†fur babies (or human babies if you got them!) and other monotonous topics.¬†Even just smiling at the sun shine can improve your day by leaps and bounds (just don’t look directly into the sun for obvious reasons).

Smiles and silly faces from the bridal party

5. Take a walk and appreciate nature. There is no better way to reconnect with your inner-self than taking a walk and watching flowers bloom, or a sunrise/sunset occur. There is a calming balm to our chapped souls when we seek solstice in the beauty that surrounds us that typically goes unnoticed in the hustle or bustle of everyday life. I do this when I’m really overwhelmed, it both¬†grounds and puts things into perspective for me, I highly recommend this if you can find the¬†(or better yet make) time to.

Tom and I taking in the beautiful Florida scenery on our walk

6. Listen to music. Have a go at accomplishing something¬†truly soothing¬†to keep stress under control. Music is one of the most ideal approaches to unwind¬†experience de-anxiety, and it’s prominent with¬†people of all ages, pay levels, and different backgrounds. It’s universal across both cultural and lingual barriers.¬†Just listen to¬†the music you like; which you’ve generally already established, however, when you pick something calm (such as Bonobo which is widely¬†instrumental and calming)¬†to listen to¬†it will¬†make you feel both¬†refreshed and quiet. Attempt a few distinctive musical styles ‚Äď classical, religious, instrumental and trust me when I say you’ll know when you’re listening to something that works for you. What’s more, is¬†once you’ve found it, you can listen at whatever¬†time you have to for a quieting break from reality.

Jam out to your 

7. Be thankful. When you’re feeling focused on the bad,¬†try¬†remembering the good. Record them in an appreciation diary (I have one which I started back in 2014). There is continually something you can be grateful for‚Ķmake a list, try it¬†now and it is as straightforward and¬†even¬†awakening. Consider every one of the things that you have in your life that you value: great family and friends, great job, even that cop who pulled you over for a tail light out that also might have saved you from a horrific accident. When you concentrate on appreciation, you’ll additionally see a greater amount of the positive¬†experiences lessons which enable growth¬†throughout your life. When you think of these good¬†things you’re much less likely to feel¬†angry and pushed. Brings new meaning to the old saying ‘Positive vibes, positive life’!

My grateful journal which I began in 2014

Remember you are the author of your life and what experiences positive or negative you choose to dwell upon. Have you tried any of these seven things mentioned above? Did they work for you? If not, what does work for you on days when you can’t adult? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts and experiences, I love to hear from you.

Love you. Mean it.