Of Soulmates and Sellouts

T’was the night before Thanksgiving all the through Instagram, Tammie searched for sympathy while the fans gave not a damn. The aftermath of Jason David Frank’s death has left both members of the Power Rangers franchise and fans alike absolutely reeling. Hastily, I put together my thoughts and to be perfectly honest I didn’t even proof read: I wanted to put out something to someone who simply meant so damn much to me. I was content with my tribute, and while admittedly I spent all of Sunday and Monday having bouts of tears I found that I was ready to start my Tuesday with as brave a face as I could manage. Until of course my friend tweeted me the most recent TMZ article with details leading up to his untimely death. Details I couldn’t ignore and needed to talk about. These details are as hard to hear as they are to write about, the legal and domestic issues that our beloved Jason was involved in. Please note this article discusses suicide, it’s a trigger word for most and its understandable why. Suicide is often sudden, unexpected, and leaves those left behind without any sense of closure. If the topics covered in this post are too sensitive for you, I understand completely if you need to click away. For those of you still reading, to have a better understanding of how this happened we need to go back to August 2022.

Jason David Frank was at a comic con when he was served divorce papers from his second wife, Tammie Frank. The article which broke by TMZ on 8/23/2022 advised that the documents claimed the two, who were married May 17th 2003, were separated as of July 1st 2022. Tammie told the courts that the marriage was “insupportable because of discord or conflict of personalities” she also complained that Jason was guilty of “cruel treatment that renders further living together insupportable.” Amidst these claims she also noted in the court documents that her husband was unfaithful to her and committed fraud on the community estate. She not only wanted reimbursement for the money spent but she also requested the courts award her with a disproportionate share of the assets and a temporary restraining order prohibiting Jason from threatening her or destroying/selling their community assets. Tammie wanted the court to order Jason to not to prevent her from using their Texas home or be allowed to shut off the electricity or cable. She also had the balls to demand he provide her with money to fight him in court.

Jason responded to these allegations by requesting the courts enforce the premarital agreement the couple signed before tying the knot in 2003. He advised they had, “entered into a premarital agreement altering the martial property rights in certain property on and during their marriage.” He claimed Tammie had been the one who was “guilty of cruel treatment” during the marriage and her behavior made it impossible to live with her. He finally asked that the courts have his estranged spouse not threaten him or use any of the community funds until after the divorce is settled. He also requested exclusive use of the couple’s Texas home, his 2001 SPEC Soft Tail Harley, 2021 Road Glide Special and any motor vehicle in his possession. He also demanded all his clothing and jewelry be awarded to him. His response was filed on September 6th and according to Radar Online the case was ongoing with both parties going back and forth in the last month.

At the time of his death not only was he dealing with a nasty divorce but he was being sued by the father of his late stepdaughter’s child. Radar Online obtained court documents which make claims that Jason and Tammie were being taken to court by a man Jason Meekins. Meekins is the biological father of Tammie’s grandson Drayden Meekins. Tammie’s daughter Shayla Bergeron was Drayden’s mother and she tragically passed away in October of 2021 at the tender age of 26. Meekins claims he was married to Shayla at the time of her death and that their child was living with both of them. Meekins told the courts that Jason and Tammie had “refused to return the child to [Meekins] after numerous requests and is being illegally retained by [ the Franks]” the petition read. He also accused them of denying him access to communication with his son and is demanding Drayden be returned to him. This case was also active at the time of Jason David Frank’s death.

My thoughts on Tammie aren’t exactly favorable even prior to the events of this article. She has all the classic traits of a narcissist and quite frankly, I never cared for her. Jason seemed henpecked, verbally abused, stifled and a source of annoyance to his wife which I simply cannot understand. While on the surface she seems super charming if you’ve spent more than five minutes watching their vlog ‘My Morphin Life‘ you’ll see her charm is only surface level. She seems to relish in putting down her husband on camera and is constantly frowning. When she does manage to smile even that looks so insanely phony. Something always seemed so radically off about her. Her need to have the “lion’s share” of the assets shows she feels entitled to special treatment despite it being noted that there was a prenup in place. She is constantly needing admiration and reacts negatively to any criticism. She lacks empath and behaves arrogantly as expressed numerous times throughout what was publicly shared on Jason David Frank’s Youtube channel. The moment I saw Tammie I simply did not care for her, however, she made Jason happy and therefore I turned a blind eye to her more unattractive qualities. With these unsavory stories in the papers, it’s not surprising that certain fans took to Instagram to voice their thoughts on Tammie’s possible role in Jason’s demise. I found the majority of these comments to be mostly uncalled for especially considering the couple’s eighteen year old child could read them but as it turns out they’re not completely un-based. The suicide, as it turns out, came on the heels of a heated argument with Tammie.

According to several media outlets Jason and his estranged wife, Tammie, checked into a Texas hotel Friday and got separate rooms. At some point the two got into an argument in Tammie’s room. A Law Enforcement official told TMZ that hotel staffers were called to calm things down, and peace was restored. It wasn’t until some point either late Friday night or early Saturday morning, that the two got into another argument and Jason locked Tammie out of his room. TMZ’s law enforcement sources said Tammie was apparently concerned for his safety and called the cops around 5 AM Saturday morning. When officers couldn’t make contact with Jason, we’re told hotel management let them in and they discovered the actor hanged himself in the bathroom.

While mental health is a serious thing MILLIONS suffer from, Tammie had to have know after 19 years of marriage her husband struggled. To keep pushing someone you claim is your soulmate to their absolute breaking point isn’t just narcissistic, its cruel. She took to Instagram suspiciously soon after the article of their argument broke on media outlets posting old photos of the two together Tammie took to Instagram to write a touching but conflicting tribute to her husband, “The loss of my soulmate. Jason, I can’t go on without you! You are my world! Yes we had our struggles like any marriage. But months ago we both agreed it was worth saving. Deep conversations, vulnerability, forgiveness on both our parts. I am deeply lost, hurt and utterly destroyed. I lost my one and only true love. I am your forever ‘Firecracker’ baby…till we’re together again 💔” [@ Tammie Frank Instagram]

Without sounding completely insensitive to what the family must be going through right now, if the events reported by multiple media outlets are to be trusted, she’s full of shit. A soulmate doesn’t drag her partner through the courts demanding more than half of the assets, a soulmate doesn’t slander their partner’s public reputation, leak insider information to the media, and then continue to attack them verbally when they have a known history of mental health struggles-namely depression. A soulmate doesn’t leave her depressed spouse alone for one second especially if they have a history of suicidal thoughts and tendencies. A soulmate doesn’t conveniently drum up a post such as one Tammie posted in wake of the allegations that a heated argument pushed him to his breaking point. That fact that Tammie tried to twist the narrative to reflect the couple had been ‘working things out’ when multiple signs pointed to that being a boldfaced lie really makes it hard to defend her. This isn’t what a grieving widow does, this is what a narcissist does to change the story to suit the narrative she is trying to push for attention. Is Tammie sincerely sorry for how things panned out? I do believe so. Did her actions mesh with the words of a ‘soulmate’ and ‘one and only true love’? In this blogger’s humble opinion, no. While I don’t believe she (or anyone for that matter) intended for the actor to take his own life after their multiple disputes; the fact that she left him alone after being locked out of his room and slept for a number of hours before being ‘concerned for her estranged husband’s safety’ at 5 AM Saturday speaks VOLUMES to how much she really cared about his welfare. Had I been in this position, knowing my husband struggles with depression, I would be on the phone with police as soon as I was locked out to ensure someone could talk to him or out of whatever he had planned. Instead she left her depressed husband alone with his thoughts after a heated argument and slept soundly until 5 AM when suddenly she was ‘concerned’.

While nobody will really know what went on and what was discussed during their final dispute, I do believe Tammie had an indirect impact on Jason choosing to end his life. So while majority of the intense heat she’s receiving on Instagram isn’t warranted, the fans who question her version of the events when sufficient evidence points to the contrary isn’t exactly unwarranted either. I do believe Jason would be disappointed in the hateful things being said to his ex-spouse but I think the fans who he loved so dearly deserve the truth. Things were not sunshine and butterflies, they were not reconciled and no amount of fluff will change that or bring back someone who was such an intricate part of our childhoods and adulthoods.

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